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Regular Services

  • Office vacuuming: as per the Office Care Schedule
  • Cleaning of Drinking Fountains and Hydration Stations daily or as required.
  • Recyclables/Waste Management. To allow for improved recycle and waste management and service efficiency we are requesting our Community to deposit waste paper ONLY into your office blue bin and empty into a communal paper bin and that you deposit organic waste from food consumption into your kitchenette waste receptacle or an external food digester. Other recyclables (plastic water bottles, pop cans) may be deposited into a local recyclable bin found throughout each building.
  • Chalk /eraser supply: We replace chalk and erasers as required.
  • Configure/re-configure classroom/seminar room furniture.
  • Lock and unlock specific locations at the beginning and end of the shift in conjunction with Security.
  • Patrol public areas for spill cleanup, etc.
  • Lamp replacement to a height of three (3) metres only. Submit requests to the Facilities Services Work Control Centre -
  • Emergency non hazardous cleanup, flooding, etc.
  • Poster removal as per the University Postering Guidelines.
  • Replenish main floor washroom supplies.
  • Supply and maintain building entrance walk-off matting.