Posters, Procedure

Posters, Procedure

Topic: Faculty, Staff, Students: Conduct and Responsibilities, University Grounds and Physical Facilities
Approval Authority: Vice-President Finance and Administration
Approval Date: April 21, 2021
Effective Date: January 21, 2022

1. Definitions

1.1 In this Procedure

“Approval Authority” means an office or an entity that may authorize a poster under section 5.

“Bulletin Board” means a space designated for posters,

“General Use Bulletin Boards” means a bulletin board provided on each campus for the temporary promotion of events and services or information sharing on University premises.    General Use Bulletin Boards are located in central public areas of both campuses, including “A Wing” at Glendon, as well as in the Central Square, Curtis Lecture Halls, the Accolade West Building, the Colonnade, and the main floor Ross Building, Complex 1 and Complex 2 and such other areas that may be added from time to time.

“Local Reservation Agent” means University departments and units that have management oversight of specific bookable spaces which an eligible user may reserve directly with the department or unit.

“Official Notice Boards” means a bulletin board for the posting of notices by academic units, research units, employee groups or student groups. The Official Notice Boards are indicated with large signs and are designated for specific unit or group and contain contact information to inquire about posting.

2. Purpose

2.1 This Procedure establishes the process for poster approval, approval authorities, authorized posting locations, conditions for poster removal, use of the University name and brand logo, special circumstances, failure to comply with the procedure and associated policies, approval reviews, and the reporting of complaints related to posted material.

3. Authority

3.1 This Procedure in enacted pursuant to Section 5 of the University Policy on Posters.

4. Poster Content and Format

4.1 Posters must meet the following criteria:

a. The Poster adheres to applicable University policies, procedures, and regulations, as well as applicable municipal, provincial, and federal laws.

b. Posters must be in English or French, or both, or if in another language, must include translation in English or French.

c. Posters must include a contact name and contact information (i.e., name of individual or organization and email, phone, or office address)

d. The Poster’s dimension is no more than 11 x 17 inches.

5. Poster Approval

5.1 Eligible Users wishing to poster on York University’s campuses must submit a request to an Approval Authority and receive approval before hanging posters. Authorities may delegate approvals to departmental staff.

5.2 The Approval Authority for General Use Bulletin Boards on the Keele Campus is the Manager, Accommodation & Conference Services. Posters (with exception of those from Glendon campus) must be submitted to the Office of Temporary Use of University Space ( prior to posting on General Use Bulletin Boards at the University’s Keele Campus.

5.3 Academic Unit Heads, Research Unit Heads, Employee Groups, Faculty Executive Officers, or their delegates are responsible for reviewing and approving Poster requests for their respective Official Notice Boards. Posters are to be submitted to the contact identified on the respective Official Notice Board.

5.4 For Glendon Campus, the Approval Authority is the Manager, Glendon Housing and Ancillary services. Posters must be submitted to the Manager, Glendon Housing and Ancillary Services ( prior to posting on General Use Bulletin Boards at the University’s Glendon Campus.

5.5 Approval Authorities shall review poster requests for compliance with criteria under section 4 and posters approved shall be digitally stamped and dated as approved by the Approval Authority prior to posting.

5.6 Where viable digital poster options (referred to as Advertising) are available, Approval Authorities may recommend their use instead of printed material. Digital signage requests and guidelines for LCD screens are available here Recognized Student Government and Student Organizations may submit requests for digital signage to the Centre for Student Community and Leadership Development (SCLD) using YU Connect.

6.  Approval Review

6.1  Eligible Users may submit in writing to the Office of Temporary Use of University Space (, a request for review of an Approval Authority’s decision not to approve a poster based on compliance with this and other policies and procedures. Reviews of the decision not to approve the poster will be conducted by the respective Approval Authority using a one-over-one approach.  If the first level review of the decision not to approve the poster is unsuccessful, Eligible Users may escalate to a second level review.   Decisions made following a second review are final.

7. Poster Locations

7.1 Posters are permitted on General Use Bulletin Boards and University Official Notice Boards.

7.2 Posters on General Use Bulletin Boards are limited to posters sharing information, promoting events held – and services delivered on - University premises. University sponsored events or services organized by Eligible Users but taking place off campus may also be posted on General Use Bulletin Boards.

7.3 Posters on Official Notice Boards are limited to posters sharing information, promoting events and services of Academic Units, Research Units, Student Groups and Employee Groups for their use.

7.4 Only one (1) poster for each event is allowed per board and cannot be placed in such a way as to obstruct other posters.

8. Removal of Posters

8.1 Following approval, posters may be posted no sooner than two (2) weeks prior to the event.

8.2 Eligible Users must remove posters (and staples or thumbtacks) within thirty-six (36) hours following the event or service.

8.3 The University will remove without notice posters that are not approved, posted on other than designated locations or that contravene this or other York University policies or procedures. The costs of poster removal and repair of any damage caused by those breaching this procedure may be charged to the offending party and/or the withdrawing of postering privileges.

8.4 The University will remove posters from General Use Bulletin Boards on a bi-weekly basis (normally on Sunday).

8.5 Cleaning and monitoring of Official Notice Boards is the responsibility of the unit or group with authority to approve requests under this Procedure.

9 Use of York University Name and Brand Logo

9.1 Only, Academic Units, Administrative Units and Research Units may use York University’s name, marks, or logos (including sub-brands) on a poster provided approval has been obtained in accordance with the York University Brand Stewardship Policy and Procedures, including:

a. Use of the York University name on a Poster requires pre-approval (by the sponsoring University department head or designate; the Centre for Student Community and Leadership Development, for student organizations; or the Local Reservation Agent, when the University name is to be included in an event location).

b. The use of the York University brand or logo must also be approved in advance (by University and Brand Marketing in the Communications and Public Affairs Division) and conform to York University brand standards at

9.2 External Users seeking to use York University’s name, marks or logos on a Poster must follow the approval process established in the York University Brand Stewardship Policy and related Guidelines and Procedures which stipulates that: any affiliation or partnership with an outside organization that incorporates York University’s brand property in its name or identification is subject to the prior review and President-Vice Presidents (PVP) approval.   If the formal relationship changes or ends, the approver must ensure that the brand affiliation is removed.

10. Special Circumstances

10.1 Special circumstances will apply as follows:

a. Posters and notices relating to class instruction or other programmatic use of the teaching space are permitted on classroom or office doors but shall be removed by the end of the day or other relevant timeframe which must be identified on the poster or notice in conjunction with the contact name of the Poster or notice owner. In this case, the use of removeable tapes must be used to avoid damaging surfaces.

b. Temporary outdoor signage is permissible for event wayfinding and can be requisitioned through University Brand and Marketing in the Communications and Public Affairs Division of the University. These signs must be removed by the event staff once the event is completed.

c.. These Procedures do not apply to posters disseminated by the Department of Community Safety, the Department of Health, Safety and Employee Well-Being, Facilities Services, or other York authorities in an emergency or as required to ensure the effective and timely dissemination of information to the York community.

11. Complaints Regarding Poster Content or Location

11.1 Questions or complaints regarding poster content or posting location can be directed to the Office of Temporary Use of University Space at

11.2 The Office of Temporary Use of University Space will direct complaints associated with staff, faculty, student organization, or external posters to the appropriate Senior Executive Officer for review and action up to and including directing the removal of posters found to be in contravention with the policy and associated procedures, rules, or guidelines.

12. Review

12.1 This procedure will be reviewed one year after implementation, and then every five years going forward. During the review, the Procedure will remain in full force and effect.

Legislative History: Procedure approved by Vice-President Finance and Administration, April 21, 2021
Date of Next Review: January 2023
Policies Superseded by this Policy: Postering Guidelines
Related Policies, Procedures and Guidelines: