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About Us

The University Secretariat administers the governance of the University by supporting the Board of Governors and Senate and their committees. Secretariat staff organize and attend meetings of the Senate, Board and their committees, provide analytical and research support to these bodies, record their proceedings, and communicate their decisions. The Secretary and Assistant Secretaries also provide advice to the community on Senate and Board policies and governance issues.

Pascal Robichaud

Secretary of the University

Cheryl Underhill

Senior Assistant Secretary of the University

Leikha Bisera

Assistant Secretary of the University

Pamela Persaud

Assistant Secretary of the University

Amanda Wassermuhl

Assistant Secretary of the University

Alicia Dean

Governance Training Specialist

Michael Pogorzelski

Senior Policy Advisor

Sarah Millington

Administrative Officer and Licensing Program Coordinator

Elaine MacRae

Governance Coordinator

Michelle Roseman

Administrative Assistant