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Executive Committee

Membership 2023-2024

  • Paul Tsaparis, Chair
  • Francesca Accinelli
  • Antonio Di Domenico
  • Konata Lake
  • Rhonda Lenton, President
  • Kenneth Silver
  • Mary Traversy
  • Bobbi-Jean White
  • Pascal Robichaud, Secretary
  • Leikha Bisera, Assistant Secretary

Terms of Reference

  1. There may be an Executive Committee of the Board.
  2. The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chair of the Board, the Vice-Chairs of the Board, the President, and such other members of the Board appointed from time to time by the Board and to hold office during the pleasure of the Board.
  3. The Chair of the Board shall be chair of the Executive Committee and in his/her absence a Vice-Chair of the Board shall preside. The Secretary of the Board shall act as secretary of the Executive Committee. In the event of his/her absence the Committee shall appoint another person to act as secretary.
  4. The Executive Committee shall have power and authority to act for the Board in and in relation to the following matters:
    • any appropriation(s) outside the approved budget not in excess of 1% of the approved budget for any fiscal year, subject to reporting any such appropriations to the Board meeting next following the decision;
    • such other matters with respect to which the Board may from time to time deem it expedient to delegate its authority to the Executive Committee;
    • any urgent matter which, in the opinion of the Chair or Vice-Chair of the Board, time does not permit the calling of a regular or special meeting of the Board;
    • represent the Board in meetings with the Senate, or its representatives;
    • any matter arising during the summer months which, in the judgement of the Chair of the Board, a Vice-Chair of the Board, or, in their absence, the President, does not warrant the calling of a special meeting of the Board, subject to any such approval being reported for information to the next regular meeting of the Board.
  5. The Executive Committee may review any matters relating to the property, revenue, business and affairs of the University prior to the submission of such matters to the Board, and shall prepare or cause to be prepared and submitted to the Board such information and data as the Executive Committee considers pertinent to assist in the consideration of such matters by the Board, and the Executive Committee may make such recommendations to the Board with respect to such matters as it may deem appropriate.
  6. The Executive Committee may constitute itself from time to time as the Nominating Committee where no such committee otherwise exists and, as such, may propose the names of individuals to the Board for MEMBERSHIP on the Board in conformance with the requirements of these by-laws, may propose to the Board the MEMBERSHIP of the various Committees of the Board, including the chairs and vice-chairs thereof, and may undertake any duties which a nominating committee would reasonably do in performing its duties.

[From Article VI of the Board's general by-laws]