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Governance of the University

York University’s bicameral governance structure is comprised of the Board of Governors and the Senate. The powers of both governance bodies derive from the York University Act. For more information see Governance Structure at York University and the chart Governance at a Glance.

The Board of Governors has responsibility for all matters affecting the government, conduct, management and control of the University, subject only to those duties specifically assigned to the Senate, the President and the Chancellor. This includes authority over property, revenues, and expenditures as well as the appointment of the Chancellor, President and all teaching and administrative staff.

The Senate is responsible for the University’s academic policy in areas including the establishment of faculty councils; standards for the admission of students, for the curriculum and requirements for graduation; awards; adjudication of appeals of academic decisions and findings of academic dishonesty; and recommendations to the President on candidates for tenure and promotion.

The University Secretariat administers the governance of the University by supporting the Board of Governors and Senate and their committees. The Secretariat also maintains the corporate records of the University.