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Finance and Audit Subcommittee on Digital Transformation

Membership 2024-2025

  • Bobbi-Jean White, Chair
  • Rhonda Lenton, President
  • Uma Gopinath
  • Helen Polatajko
  • Eugene Roman
  • Paul Tsaparis, Chair of the Board
  • Pascal RobichaudSecretary
  • Leikha Bisera, Assistant Secretary

Terms of Reference

1.        Authority

The Subcommittee on Digital Transformation (“the Subcommittee”) is established under section V of the By-Laws of the Board of Governors of York University and is accountable to the Finance and Audit Committee (“Finance and Audit”) of the Board of Governors (“the Board”).

2.        Purpose

The Subcommittee assists and advises Finance and Audit on matters related to Digital Transformation Projects and Technology Architecture Initiatives, namely on strategic plans, principles, and policies. 

3.        Composition

  1. The Subcommittee has up to 6 voting members as follows:
    1. up to 4 members of Finance and Audit, including a Subcommittee Chair recommended by Finance and Audit and, appointed by the Board;
    2. the Chair of the Board of Governors;
    3. the President and Vice-Chancellor;
  2. The Vice-President Finance and Administration and the Provost and Vice-President Academic (“Provost”) will serve as non-voting special advisors to the Subcommittee and shall have a standing invitation to all Subcommittee meetings.
  3. Where necessary or appropriate to facilitate and support the business of the Subcommittee:
    1. the Provost or Vice-President Finance and Administration may invite University staff to a meeting, to serve as resource persons for items of business
    2. the Subcommittee may from time to time invite members of the public with expertise in Digital Transformation, Cyber Security, or a related field

4.        Mandate

The Subcommittee shall:

  1. Review and recommend to Finance and Audit, subject to the signing authority register, the approval of Digital Transformation Projects and Technology Architecture Initiatives.  In formulating such recommendations, the Subcommittee will consider:
    1. data quality and data governance
    2. privacy and protection of personal information
    3. data security and information technology system controls
    4. disaster and recovery planning
    5. financial, reputational and compliance risks
    6. sustainability considerations
    7. project and system implementation risks
  2. Receive, review, and present to Finance and Audit, at least annually:
    1. a report on Digital Transformation Board-approved projects and initiatives, including their financial and completion status
    2. a report on Digital Transformation projects and initiatives approved by the President and Vice-Chancellor (“President”) or Vice-Presidents, pursuant to their respective authorities under the Policy on Signing Authority
    3. a report on institutional data and information management practices, systems, and controls
    4. a report on information technology security, including cyber security
  3. Advise Finance and Audit on responses to recommendations of Internal Audit or Enterprise Risk Management that are related to Digital Transformation Projects and Technology Architecture Initiatives
  4. Consider any other matters related to Digital Transformation assigned by Finance and Audit, the President, the Provost or the Vice-President Finance and Administration

In discharging its duties under a), b), c) or d), the Subcommittee may invite University officials to report on relevant matters.

5.        Review

Finance and Audit, in consultation with the Subcommittee, will review these Terms every five years and may, from time to time, recommend to the Board that they be amended.

Approved by Board of Governors, October 12, 2021