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Outdoor Banners on Campus

Outdoor Banners on Campus

Approval Authority: President

Signature: Lorna Marsden

Description: Specifies parameters for the proposal, design, approval, procurement, installation, maintenance and removal of outdoor banners on the Keele and Glendon campuses.

1. Policy

The University will install banners at designated outdoor locations on the Keele and Glendon campuses in support of and as signifiers of high profile events, celebrations and special occasions as defined and approved by the University from time to time. The banners will usually be displayed for a minimum of two months and are not intended for short-term promotional messages. The party seeking installation of the banners shall be responsible for the costs of banner design and, once approved by the University, the cost of banner procurement, installation, maintenance, and removal.

2. Definition

A banner is form of temporary exterior signage used to convey graphic information and serve as a public notice of an event, celebration or special occasion.

3. Specifications

3.1 Banners shall be constructed of flexible, durable, weather-proof material normally designed to be hung vertically and to be attached by their top and bottom edges to a rigid support. They shall normally be made of recycled and/or recyclable material.

3.2 Banners shall be designed to accommodate two rigid, horizontal bars suitable to be affixed to a permanent structure such as a building wall or a light standard.

3.3 Banners will be placed in locations approved by the University from time to time.

4. Banner Approval Procedure

4.1 The University will mount outdoor banners only after prior review and approval pursuant to the following procedure:

4.2 The applicant shall submit a proposal for outdoor banners to the Campus Planner, Department of Campus Services and Business Operations (CSBO), at least 90 days in advance of the date the banners are to be mounted.

4.3 The proposal shall include the following:

i.  a description of the event, celebration or special occasion to be celebrated by the banner;
ii. banner design/s (including wording/messaging);
iii. the number of banners being requested;
iv. specifications of the materials to be used;
v.  a request for specific location/s and duration of banner display.

4.4 The proposal shall be accompanied by a Department of CSBO - Service Request, to request a cost estimate for the mounting, maintaining and removal of banners for the duration proposed.

4.5 Prior to submission for formal approval of the request, the Campus Planner shall obtain and provide to the applicant the cost estimate and consult with the applicant with respect to any stipulated or proposed modifications and/or conditions to the proposal, with a view to creating a final proposal for formal approval.

4.6 The Campus Planner shall submit the proposal for review and approval as follows:

a. to the Chief Marketing & Communications Officer who shall have the final     approval over the design and quantity of banners permitted, in line with the University’s Brand Stewardship policies and procedures;
b. to the Office of Ceremonials, Special Events and Community Relations in regard to Special Events Protocol; and
c. to the Master Planning and Facilities Committee which, upon a recommendation of the Campus Planner, shall consider issues of structural capacity, safety and campus landscape and determine whether the proposal shall be approved.

4.7 Upon approval of the proposal, the applicant shall:

i. arrange for the purchase of the banners in accordance with applicable University procurement policy.
ii. arrange delivery of the banners to the Department of CSBO for mounting.

4.8 During the period of display, CSBO shall maintain the banners, ensuring that they are properly secured, repaired or removed promptly if damaged, and replaced as provided for in the proposal.

4.9 Unless instructed otherwise, CSBO shall remove the banners at the end of the display period and return them to the applicant.