Posters, Policy on

Posters, Policy on

Topic: Faculty, Staff, Students: Conduct and Responsibilities, University Grounds and Physical Facilities
Approval Authority: President and Vice-Chancellor
Approval Date: 21 April 2021
Effective Date: 21 January 2022


York University has both the right and responsibility to manage the access to - and the use of - its spaces to maintain and improve the physical environment, promote ecological sustainability, and ensure compliance with University policies, procedures, and regulations, including but not limited to the Statement of Policy on Free Speech. The University reaffirms its commitment to provide an environment conducive to freedom of enquiry and expression and uphold the right of all community members and invited guests to express their views within the law, without fear of intimidation or harassment.

1. Definitions

In the Policy,

“Academic Unit” means a, department, faculty or school or any other office engaged in scholarly activities including teaching and research as defined under Academic Unit Nomenclature: Characteristics and Guidelines,

“Administrative Unit” means a Division or Office that provides service or support to an academic program or to the operations of the University,

“Division” means a subset of the Administration of the University normally under the direction of the President or a Vice-President of the University,

“Eligible User” means a person or group,

“Employee Group” means a union or other group recognized by York as representing its employees,

“Event” An activity that is planned, advertised and/or invitational in nature,

“External User” means a person not normally eligible under paragraph 4 (1),

“Poster” means

a. A printed image or text, or combination of the two, or

b. A digitally mounted or projected electronic media image or text or combination of the two, or

c. Digital content uploaded to social media accounts,

associated with the University that temporarily promotes an event, service, product, or shares information.

“Research unit” means an entity chartered by Senate under the Policy on Organized Research Units,

“Student Organization” means a student government or student organization recognized under Presidential Regulations Regarding Student Governments/Organizations.

2. Purpose

2.1 Consistent with York University’s Statement of Policy on Free Speech, this Policy reaffirms the University’s support of free speech, as well as the sharing of information in writing, print, and through any other media of choice, by:

a. Providing a means for Eligible Users to share information and promote events and services on University premises,

b. Providing a means for External Users to access University space for advertisement of products, services, and employment opportunities,

c. Protecting the University’s campuses and community members from distracting, unauthorized commercial and promotional materials from External Users,

d. Maintaining and improving the appearance of the physical environment of the University’s campuses, and,

d. Reducing the amount of paper used for posters.

3. Scope and Application

3.1 This policy applies to York University students, faculty, researchers, staff, guests, and visitors to the University (Eligible Users) and all indoor and outdoor spaces on York University’s campuses.

3.2 This Policy does not apply to:

a. University notices related to emergencies, health and safety and wayfinding signage.

b. Documents relating to University class instruction or other programmatic use of learning spaces for academic purposes (e.g., class schedule, class cancellation, etc.).

4. Policy

4.1 York University permits posters by Eligible Users on its campuses if it is in accordance with this Policy and the Procedures and guidelines enacted under it.

4.2 A Poster promoting an event or activity scheduled or planned to take place on University premises, must comply with University policies, procedures, regulations, guidelines, and applicable laws including the Ontario Human Rights Code.

4.3 Posters are only permitted in the spaces designated and by the offices defined under the Procedures.

4.4 Poster placement for student elections and referenda, fall under the “Poster and Banner Placement Guidelines” under the responsibility of the Centre for Student Community and Leadership Development. These include certain exemptions from the poster policy for the duration of the established campaign periods.

4.5 Posters must be in English or French, or both, or if in another language, must include translation in English or French.

4.6 Posters must include a contact name and contact information (i.e., name of individual or organization and email, phone, or office address)

4.7 Decals (with adhesive backing), double-backed carpet tape, and the use of other permanent adhesive substances or those that prevent easy poster removal are prohibited. Only staples and thumbtacks are authorized for posting on General Use Bulletin Boards and Official Notice Boards.

4.8 Only York Academic Units, Administrative Units and Research Units may use York’s mark or logos on posters and must do so in accordance with York University Brand Stewardship Policy and Procedures.

4.9 External Users are prohibited from posting notices and from distributing information or products on University premises unless they have the written consent of the Head of the University’s Ancillary Services Department.

4.10 Users who fail to abide by the Policy or Procedure or to other York Policies and Procedures may be subject to restrictions to poster privileges or, in more egregious cases, to disciplinary or legal action, depending on the gravity of the infraction to York’s Policies and Procedures.

4.11 The cost incurred by York to remove a poster or posters or repair any damage caused by a poster in contravention to this Policy or Procedure may be charged to the posters’ owner or organization.

5. Roles and Responsibilities

5.1 The Vice-President Finance and Administration will establish procedures pursuant hereto from time to time.

6. Review

6.1 This policy will be reviewed one year after implementation, and then every five years going forward.  During the review, the policy will remain in full force and effect.

Legislative History: Approved by the President: 21 April 2021
Date of Next Review: January 2023
Policies Superseded by this Policy: Postering Guidelines
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