Meet Niccoh Sioco (BA’18 in French studies, BED’18 in French as a Second Language Concentration)

Meet Niccoh Sioco (BA’18 in French studies, BED’18 in French as a Second Language Concentration)

“Language connects us all”: how this multi-faceted linguaphile uses his love of languages to build community on and offline

Since graduating in 2018 with a BA in French Studies and BED in French as a Second Language, Niccoh has come ways in his journey as a professional and language enthusiast. From French, Spanish, then Drama teacher, to Real Estate Agent, he makes use of his multilingual communication skills to make the best out of every situation. 

As an avid language lover, Niccoh found himself drawn to Glendon. “Despite visiting multiple schools during my last year of high school, I knew Glendon was the only campus that matched my passion (obsession) for languages,” says Niccoh. “From the enthusiasm of the student volunteers, to the vibrance of the fall colours, I knew it was the right fit for me.” 

Niccoh is a strong believer in the power of languages. As he says, “Speaking many languages allows me to reach a wider audience, and most importantly allows me to have access to a huge network of professionals in other fields.” He adds, “Language connects us all! I believe speaking someone else’s language allows you to really speak to them from the heart.”  

An unconventional teacher with personal development in mind 

Niccoh is known for his energy, his positivity, and his enthusiasm. From extra-curriculars at Glendon, to teaching high school students, his personal goal has always been to encourage people around him to find their voice, explore their potential, and see their own light.  

During his 4 years teaching French, Spanish, and drama in a high school, Niccoh did not miss the opportunity to share his unconventional philosophy on education to make a deeper positive impact on his students. He values genuine connections, creativity, storytelling, with a focus on the empowerment that comes with the exploration of cultures and mastery of languages. “It brings me such joy when so many students tell me how eye-opening and life-changing my classes are, simply because I provide the space for them to cultivate and explore their passions.” 

Despite switching vocations, Niccoh continues to educate and inspire on social media platforms, presenting his authentic self to create valuable connections with others. “I love making people laugh and talking freely about what’s on my mind! People forget the importance of being relatable as it allows your target audience to connect with you in a stronger way. There’s a famous quote, “People might forget what you do, but will never forget how you make them feel.” 

Language is power. Nonetheless, from a financial standpoint to the lack of opportunities in schools, people face constraining obstacles in their journeys to learn a language, “I feel that this has to change once and for all,” Says Niccoh. One of his next goals is finding a way to make language learning a more accessible process for everyone. These obstacles represent a challenge to him as he plans to develop a more accessible language learning platform.

From Niccoh to Glendon students 

“Get to know as many people as possible! I have made lifelong friends at Glendon, many of whom have been my future clients and coworkers. Having a smaller community really allows you to have such a connection with each other that I can’t describe. Glendon also attracts such a diverse group of students from different backgrounds. Stay in touch with your friends here, as you never know what opportunities will come your way from another Glendon student in the near future!” 

Rapid Fire Questions

Who or what inspires you?

A successful friend of mine in my profession who I have a lot in common with! 

What is your favourite place on campus?

The Breezeway!

What would you say to your younger self? 

Always do what is best for you, not what others think is best for you. 

What is your favorite city in the world? Would you learn the language spoken there if you haven’t already? 

I’ve never been there before, but I would say Barcelona is my favourite city! I do speak both the languages there – Spanish and Catalan!