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Bursaries, Scholarships & Awards

Need a boost to your finances? You may be eligible for a bursary or scholarship. Bursaries and awards are granted on the basis of your financial need, with some consideration given to your academic performance, while scholarships are awarded to students who have outstanding academic achievement.

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Explore scholarships, entrance awards and financial aid for new students at York University.

How to apply

  • Fill out your Student Financial Profile (SFP), a multipurpose online application form used for financial awards and on-campus employment, at the start of each academic session. Without this profile, you cannot be considered for any awards or bursaries that are based on financial need.
  • When you fill out your SFP, you’ll automatically be considered for various awards and bursaries.
  • Some awards might have specific requirements and require additional documentation. Find the full list of awards using them using the awards search tool.
  • Automatic scholarships are based on grades, so you don’t need to apply.
  • Some entrance awards are specifically for first-year students.
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Financial awards for international students

Check out York International to find detailed financial information and resources specifically for international and exchange students. You may also be eligible for scholarships or bursaries through your Student Financial Profile. Read the criteria carefully to see if you qualify to apply.

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