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Digital and Language Hubs

From immersion to conversation and self-expression

Glendon is truly a multi-cultural hub where you will hear many languages spoken. We also offer several opportunities for you to practice a new language you’re learning in safe, supportive and welcoming settings – our language centres.

Our digital media lab allows you to master the many ways to create and express yourself through media like photography, digital design, video shooting, editing and producing, all while using cutting-edge technology and tools.

ESL Open Learning Centre

Are you learning English as a second language? We’re here to support you. The ESL Open Learning Centre offers free one-on-one or small group sessions to improve your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills!

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Students on Glendon Campus.

Salon francophone

Immerse yourself en français at the Salon francophone! Practice your French with other students and discover all that la francophonie has to offer!

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Spanish Resource Centre

Hola! Discover the Spanish Resource Centre and immerse yourself in hispanic language and cultures. Enjoy workshops, seminars and film screenings while delving into the extensive Spanish-language book and audiovisual collections!

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Glendon Digital Media Lab

Create your own digital world by exploring the Glendon Digital Media Lab’s cutting-edge technology and helpful tutorials! Discover digitized experiences and bring your ideas to life.

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