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G21 Inquiry-based Incubator

Ready to start your own research project? Welcome to G21!

G21 is a one-of-its-kind course that allows you to pursue your own passion project under the supervision of a faculty mentor, in a directed course setting.

All G21 projects must align with one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

By participating in the G21, you will receive 3 credits, supervision from a faculty member, education about the SDGs, have access to an allocation of $300 to fund your research project, and experiential education.

Students on Glendon Campus.

G21 Benefits

Earn 3 course credits while you study a topic you are genuinely interested in, gain a passion for research, and advance your degree in a stimulating and encouraging environment.

Gain hands-on learning experience, which can be motivating and give you the ability to engage in professional environments with faculty and peers.

Access unique Workshops, Events & Guest Speaker series.

Receive $300 in Research Funding to assist in developing your project. Funding has previously been used for:

  • inducements for survey participants and focus groups
  • the purchase of paid applications like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • the purchase of podcast equipment, and even for printing professional posters

Present at Glendon’s Annual Research Festival and receive a certificate of completion for your successful participation. You have the opportunity to engage in a panel discussion about your research with other professionals and start building your research portfolio.

Develop a strong foundation for graduate school applications, obtain references for graduate school from your faculty supervisor, develop strong research skills which are valued by graduate institutions, and showcase your passion for academia.

Gain transferable skills for academic success, or for a resume/CV, such as learning how to conduct library-based research, condense information, identify reputable sources for information, and analyze texts. Developing research expertise can also produce transferable skills that are highly valued by employers. You’ll gain communication, organization, problem-solving, and time management skills within the G21.


Applications are available in the beginning of June, and you can officially enroll in the course based on the enrolment date. The G21 course begins in September and continues until April each academic year.


If you are in your upper years of undergraduate study (third year and above), you are eligible to apply.

To be accepted, you must have a well-founded proposal, a faculty supervisor who has agreed to oversee your passion project, and written approval from the Head of Multidisciplinary Studies (MDS).

How to Apply

  1. Think of a passion project that aligns with the UN SDGs and can be completed throughout the course of the academic year.
  2. Find a Glendon faculty member who is willing to supervise your project. Reach out to research@glendon.yorku.ca if you need help
  3. Complete and submit the G21 application form

The form must include:

  • A short description (approx. 250 words) of your project, including the project objectives and what you’ll produce (i.e., essay, presentation, exhibit, performance, podcast, etc.)
  • An explanation of how the project addresses pertinent social or ecological issues
  • The name of your proposed mentor

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Students in the G21 course have a unique opportunity to pursue independent research on a topic of their choice under the supervision of a faculty mentor. 
  • The independent research projects are referred to as “passion projects” because students should be passionate about their chosen topic of study. 
  • Each of the selected research projects must align with one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Students participating in the G21 course will be enrolled in a 3.00 credit course over the entire academic year, meeting bi-weekly. Students will receive course credit towards their university degree for work on their “passion projects”. 
  • Must be enrolled at York University as a Glendon student. 
  • Students must be in their upper years of undergraduate study (3rd year and above). 
  • Students must apply to the G21 course by completing the online application form. Students’ applications must be approved before they will receive permission to enrol in the course. 
  • To apply for the G21 course, students must propose an independent “passion project” that they want to work on. Students must also suggest a faculty member who they would like to supervise their “passion project”, and who is willing to take on this responsibility. 
  • A “passion project” is an independent project through which you can explore a research topic of interest to you. Your chosen research topic may be an area of interest outside of your degree requirements. It is your project, designed by you. You will develop your own research questions, explore possible answers, and create project outputs that align with your topic, all within the parameters of a credited course. 
  • A “passion project” can be inspired by anything that has piqued a student’s interest, perhaps a topic that the student initially discovered in the context of an academic course and which the student wants to continue pursuing through an independent project.
  • Examples of past “passion projects” concern topics as varied as self-identification preferences for disabled students, how linguistic similarity between first and second languages impacts emotional activation, community-based initiatives for reproductive rights, Yugoslavian Rock 'n Roll, and the impacts of auditory distraction in different languages on the verbal memory of bilingual individuals.  Click here to view past examples of G21 projects at the 2023 student research showcase.
  • Students admitted into the course will receive 3 credits on successful completion of the course.
  • While the G21 is a 3-credit course, applicants must keep in mind that the course will take place over the entire academic year, during both the Fall and Winter terms. The class will meet on a bi-weekly basis.
  • If a student wishes to take the course for credit in their own major or minor program to fulfil requirements, they must receive approval from their home program or department. 
  • Alternatively, students may take the course for elective (SOSC) credits with the approval of the head of Multidisciplinary Studies (MDS). 
  • Some programs may choose to recognize this course on an ad-hoc basis as counting towards degree requirements. Department heads will inform Academic Services accordingly.
  • The G21 course provides the framework for students to conduct research on a “passion project” of their choosing, in consultation with a course director and faculty mentor. The projects will apply theory to address a real-world problem using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). 
  • Although students will design their own “passion project”, successful completion of the course will indicate that the students have demonstrated competence in the following learning outcomes: advanced written and oral skills, critical thinking, and information literacy; global engagement, knowledge of social justice and/or environmental sustainability; and self-regulation, and intercultural awareness.
  • Students will present their work in a manner suited to their disciplinary focus (e.g. written research paper, poster presentation, podcast, video, and so on), and they will present it at a culminating event at the end of the academic year.  

This course is designed for students who are self-directed and intellectually ambitious. This course may be particularly attractive to students who are keen to pursue their studies to the graduate level, but this is not a requirement for students applying to participate in this course. 

  • Applications for the G21 course will open between the end of May and beginning of June, and will be accepted on a rolling basis.
  • Course enrolment starts in mid-June. 
  • Students can expect to be accepted into G21 course by mid-August. 
  • To consult important dates university, such as when to enrol and drop university courses, visit the link here
  1. Before submitting an application to the Research Office, prospective applicants must think of a passion project which they believe aligns with the UN SDGs and can be completed throughout the course of the 2023-24 academic year.  
  2. Students must find a Glendon faculty member who is willing to supervise their project. 
    • Click here to read tips on requesting the supervision of a faculty member 
    • If students are experiencing difficulties in finding a supervisor, they are encouraged to reach out to the Glendon Research and Innovation Office for assistance at research@glendon.yorku.ca
  3. Complete and submit the G21 application form
    • Clarify your personal details (your name, email, student number, major, year of study)
    • Explicate who your proposed supervisor will be
    • Provide a short description (approximately 250 words) of the project you would like to pursue in the G21
    • Describe the output that your final project will take (i.e., an essay, an online art exhibit, a performance, a presentation, a podcast)

If students have concerns about obtaining course credits from the G21 course in accordance with their program requirements, they are encouraged to reach out to the Research & Innovation Office for assistance at research@glendon.yorku.ca.

  • Yes, you must find a professor to supervise your independent research project in the G21 courses. 
  • Consider asking a faculty member for supervision if you already have a relationship with them, possibly someone with whom you’ve taken a course, and if their research interests and areas of expertise align with your proposed research project. 
  • To view a list of Glendon faculty members with their research interests and expertise, as well as their contact information, click here
  • If you are struggling to find a professor to supervise your project, please contact the Glendon Research and Innovation Office for help: research@glendon.yorku.ca. 

Yes, students in G21 courses can have their research supervised by a contract faculty member, if they are willing to take on this responsibility.  

Give some context for who you are regarding why you are writing.

  • Explain your student status, year, program and how you obtained the Professor’s name or where you met them.
  • What are some of your interests, skills, experiences, or goals as they relate to your interest in the G21 course and your field of academic research/study? 

What Have I Done / What Can I Do?

  • What notable or relevant accomplishments, skills, assets, experience, or educational achievements do you have?

What Do I Want?

  • Explain your passion project idea for the G21 course and ask if the Professor would be willing to supervise you throughout the academic year.
  • In 2023-24, students who participate in the G21 course will each have access to allocated funds of $300 to help with their research project. 
  • Examples of past use of funds include covering fees for professional poster printing, inducements for survey participants and focus groups, purchase of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, or purchase of podcasting equipment.   
  • Students are encouraged to imagine creative uses of their allocated funds to help support the development and execution of their research projects. 

No, students will receive 3.0 course credit towards their university degree. Students will pay regular tuition fees for the course, but they will have access to funds to cover some research expenses.  Click here to learn more about course and program fees at York University. 

  • No, the research that you conduct in the G21 course does not need to be bilingual. You are encouraged to pursue your research in the language of your choice, but the G21 is also a great opportunity to improve your language skills, so do not feel discouraged to work on a project in your non-dominant language.
  • However, the G21 course will be taught in both languages. Student will attend some classes in their non dominant language but can choose to participate in the language of their choice, submitting assignments in their preferred language. 

Students that apply to G21 course should feel comfortable conducting independent research with some guidance from their research mentor. If you are entering third-year or higher, you will already have developed basic research skills through your previous course work. For instance, general knowledge of how to use the York University library system is a great start. Students participating in the G21 will follow a program structure throughout the year, will engage in check-ins around major research milestones and will have the support of their course director, their research mentor, and the Research and Innovation Office. We understand that pursuing an independent passion project might seem daunting at first glance, but we encourage students to explore beyond their comfort zones. The G21 is all about learning to do independent research and we want you to succeed!