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Academic Services

Welcome to Academic Services. Let us be your partner towards academic success. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and resources necessary to navigate university life, and make informed decisions.

We can:

  • help you take advantage of opportunities for progression and growth
  • help you become comfortable with course selection and registration
  • provide guidance about your major, course load, and degree requirements
  • work with you to keep your schedule on track for graduation

All one-on-one meetings with academic advisors are confidential and designed to give you the information you need for success.

Academic Supports

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Contact our team, get answers

Our office is open to students on campus, for in-person or online appointments and for drop-in virtual chats. Our team is here to help.

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My Academic Information

Update your student profile, find your courses and grades, obtain transcripts, transfer credit statements and enrolment confirmation letters, or reactivate your file.

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Plan your degree

Know the deadlines, enrol in your courses and track your progress.

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Degree requirements, academic standing, policies

Know your program requirements, how to stay in good academic standing and your responsibilities as a student.

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Exams and accommodations

Find out about your exam schedules and what to do if you need accommodations.

Students on Glendon Campus.


Congratulations! See how you can apply to graduate.