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The Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting consists of five courses that address the advanced competencies in professional accounting. Upon completion students will have fulfilled all of the CPA PEP Core modules including all four electives and will be eligible for advance standing and commence Capstone 1 in the CPA PEP program.

CPA flow chart
* Students must meet the minimum requirements for admissions, however meeting the minimum does not guarantee admission.

Admission to the program is available to those students in their final year of the BCom Honours Accounting degree or equivalent with the intention of graduating or have already graduated from with a BCom Honours Accounting degree or equivalent.

Completion of the following courses:

  • Economics: ECON 1000, ECON 1010
  • Information Technology: ADMS 2511
  • Law: ADMS 2610
  • Strategy and Governance: ADMS 4900
  • Quantitative Methods: ADMS 2320
  • Financial Reporting: ADMS 2500, ADMS 3585, ADMS 3595, ADMS 4520
  • Management Accounting: ADMS 2510, ADMS 3510
  • Finance: ADMS 3530, ADMS 4540
  • Taxation: ADMS 3520, ADMS 4561
  • Assurance: ADMS 4551, ADMS 4553
  • Capstone: ADMS 4570, ADMS 4590

A minimum grade of C in each of the above courses and a B average. In addition, students must have an overall 6.5 GPA in all of the 4000-level courses listed above. The number of repeated courses will be considered in the acceptance decision. For students who have received transfer credit on entry into the BCom program, grades will be calculated from the courses deemed equivalent at that time.

Students must provide supplementary information and copy of current resume.

* Students must meet the minimum requirements for admissions, however meeting the minimum does not guarantee admission.

Students completing or who have completed commerce or business degrees in other Canadian universities, with accounting courses recognized by CPA Canada, may also be eligible for admission. Applicants will be evaluated on a case by case basis as to whether they are substantially equivalent to requirements for York University BCom students.

Students must provide supplementary information, copy of current resume, and statement of case writing experience.

Students are strongly encouraged to provide a sample of case analysis( prepared on an individual basis) performed for a course.

By request, students may be asked to provide references or participate in an interview.

Fees information is available on the Student Financial Services website.

The KPMG Graduate Diploma Accounting Scholarship will be awarded to students enrolled in the Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting in York University’s School of Administrative Studies. Recipients will be selected based on entrance GPA. In cases where the GPA is tied or very close, financial need may be considered as an additional criterion. The successful applicant will receive a total of $5,000 at the start of the academic term.

The KPMG Foundation acts as a catalyst in the mobilization of KPMG and its people in giving to their communities. More than providing an avenue for giving, the Foundation helps drive KPMG’s mission to be a socially-responsible and civic-minded organization and promotes a culture in which our people thrive personally and professionally.

Who is Eligible?

  • You must be a graduate from York University in the School of Administrative Studies Honours BCom Degree;
  • Full-time and part-time students are eligible to receive the award;
  • No application is required, applicants to the program will be automatically considered for the KPMG award through the admission process.

Frequently Asked Questions

The program will be offered three times a year: Fall, Winter and Summer.

A BCom (Honours) with an accounting specialization, with the completion of courses as outlined in . Graduates of the School of Administrative Studies Certificate in Accounting who have a four year honours degree will be considered on a case by case basis.

Please note: The graduate diploma course requisites exceed the PEP entry requirements.

Refer to the admission requirements.

YorkU students only may Complete a self assessment here- refer to the admissions checklist

Apart from a higher GPA requirement, York BCom students who wish to pursue the diploma are expected to complete ADMS 4553, ADMS 4570 and ADMS 4590. These courses are designed to cover the curriculum of CPA CORE 1 and CORE 2 modules.

Upon graduation, students will fulfill all of the PEP Core modules and all 4 Electives (Assurance, Taxation, Performance Measurement, and Finance). Graduates will be eligible to commence Capstone 1 in the CPA PEP program. It is possible to complete Capstone 1, 2 and the CFE in 5 months.

Part-time students complete the program in two or three consecutive terms. Students are accepted within a cohort and are assigned courses with their cohort. Course availability will dictate whether your cohort is assigned 2 or 3 courses in the first term. Courses for part-time students will be offered in the evenings from 7-10 pm and on weekends. Under extenuating circumstances, a student may apply to take the courses over 3 terms (additional fees may apply). When deciding on your part time option please consider your work commitments and discuss with your employer.

Full-time students are offered a compliment of both day-time and evening classes.

Tuition information can be found on the Student Financial Services website.

Unfortunately, OSAP is not available for this program at this time.

Yes, if you are enrolled in the part-time program classes will be offered on weeknights from 7-10pm and on weekends. It is possible to complete the program part time while working during the day. However, students must complete the program within 12 months.

You should apply at the beginning of your last term for an early admission decision. The application deadline for Fall term intake (September start) is June 15th tentative; Winter term intake (January start) is October 15th tentative; Summer term intake (May start) is January 15th tentative.

No. The accreditation is for the program as a whole, therefore, individual courses cannot count towards CPA PEP.

A minimum of 60% in all 5 courses and an average of 70%.

Non-School of Administrative Studies students who have completed a four-year Canadian business degree, and have completed the equivalent pre-requisite courses, will be considered on case by case basis. International degrees obtained outside of Canada will not qualify for admission into the Diploma in Professional Accounting program.

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The Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting at York is an exciting environment to pursue innovative, socially engaging, career-ready education. Contact our Graduate Program Administrator to learn more.