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Our Alumni

Learn about what others have chosen to study and do through this innovative program.

Photo of Natasha Prashad

Natasha Prashad

Anti-Racism & Cultural Diversity Office Program Coordinator at the University of Toronto

Megan Forsey

Making Space for Electronic Music: The Rhythms of Regulation

Photo of Yamri Taddese

Yamri Taddese

Associate Producer at CBC Radio

Alumni List

NameClass OfDissertation
Timothy Bryan2019Diversity, and the Politics of Hate Crime: An Analysis of the Police Response to Racially and Religiously Motivated Hate Crimes in the Greater Toronto Area
Daniel Huizenga2019Customary Law and Indigenous Rights in South Africa: From Transformative Constitutionalism to Living Law in Struggles for Rural Land Rights
Katrin Roots2018The Human Trafficking Matrix: Law, Policy and the Front-Line Anti-Trafficking Practices in Canada
Shekoufeh-Farrah Zandnia2017A Socio–Legal Analysis of Foreign Credentials Assessments and Recognition in Canada in Law and the Media: Logic, Legitimation and Limitations Regarding Foreign Trained Professionals (FTPs)
Yael C.B. Machtinger2017A Socio-Legal Investigation of ‘Get’ Jewish Divorce Refusal in New York and Toronto: Agunot Unstitching the Ties that Bind
Matthew McManus2017Becoming to Belong: Rethinking Democratic Freedom and the Rule of Law
NameClass OfThesis/Major Research Paper
Aqsa Bhagat2020Citizenship and Monstrosity: The Case of Omar Khadr
Yasmina Aboudaba Aldohan2019Representations of White Terrorism in Journalism: A Comparison of the Quebec and New Zealand Shootings
Arunita Das2019Constructing Criminality: Examining R. v. Gladue and the Discourses Behind Sentencing
Kevin Ferreira2019Surveillance Capitalism – Using Data as Economic and Political Power: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Sidewalk Labs’ Smart City Proposal for the City of Toronto
Megan Forsey2019House Music as a Socio-Legal Inquiry
Nicholas Goberdhan2019Leaking Blackness into Law and Early-Psychiatry during the Antebellum South
Kalpana Jha2019Contested Sovereignty: Analysis from the India-Nepal Open Border
Tanika McLeod2019A Theoretical Exploration of Developments in Canadian Drug Policy
Mohammad Nasim2019A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Framing of Climate Change Refugees in News Media
Jennifer Prashad2019Engendering Justice for Migrant Women Fleeing Domestic Violence in the Canadian Refugee Determination System
Natasha Prashad2019Activating Indigenous Voices- The Role of Human Rights Education in Reconciliation
Samantha Rockbrune2019A New System? Exploring the Intersectional Implications of Juridification in the Colleges Ontario Sexual Violence Policy
Sanjida Salman2019In Plain Sight: An Analysis of Walking With Our Sisters and Your Eyes Curve Around Me as Counter-Narratives on Law's Violence
Maggie Tadros2019Consensual Teen Sexting and Police Anti-Sexting Campaigns
Claudia Tersigni2019Does Panic Transcend Truth? News Reporting on Gun-Crime and Police Carding in Toronto: 2004-2014
Jennifer Truong2019"Saving the Last Dance": Colonial Legal Attacks on Indigenous Spirituality
Natalee Wise2019An Investigation of Toronto Police Services' use of YouTube to Address Issues of Accountability in the Social Media Age
Arshad Auckbarallee2018'Shifting' the Discrimination Against Muslims in Canada: Islamophobia in Pre-and Post-9/11 Society.
Rebecca DelZotti2018Diversity, Spirituality and Religiosity in Canadian Federal Penitentiaries.
Eduardo Cornelius Gutierrez2018The Fight Against Corruption Translated: International Strategies and the Restructuring of the Brazilian Legal Field
Shaina Hodgson2018A Critical Analysis of "The Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act": Success or Failure?
Phillip Montana2018Dis[able]ing Space: A Socio-Legal Analysis of In/Accessibility.
Salisha Purushuttam2018"Click Here!": A Critical Analysis Ad/Undressing Motion M-47, Pornography and Public Health Discourse in Canada.
Ryan Ramdin2018Sweep: Opioids, Supervised Injection Sites, and Urban Space.
Hayden Sahid2018Exploring Cannabis Legalization in British Columbia and Ontario.
Crystal Benko2017What is Law? Exploring the Legal Consciousness of Youth in the Jane-Finch Community.
Adrian Hopici2017Corporate Codes of Conduct: Cultural and Institutional Representations of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Contemporary Western Societies
Aaqib Mahmood2017Anti-Islamic Discrimination: A Novel way of Uncovering Ontario’s Hidden Injustice towards Muslim Women.
Saqib Mahmood2017From the Western Outcast to the Righteous Hero: a visual methodological analysis of ISIS propaganda as representations.
Alvine Nintai2017Does the International Finance Corporation(IFC) comply with Compliance Advisor Ombudsman(CAO) recommendations?
Kamalpreet Rai2017Beeba Boys: Critically Analyzing South-Asian Gangs in Vancouver.
Natilie Richer2017The Art of Indigenous Protests
Atul Sannan2017The Reality of Forensic Science and the CSI Effect: A Legal Consciousness Approach to Forensic Evidence in Criminal Law.
Yamri Taddese2017Outlawed Looks: Behind the Law’s Compulsive Concern with Black Women’s Appearance.
Atinuke Akinyemi2016Traveling into Legality: An Exploratory Inquiry into the Legal Consciousness of Canadian Immigrants
Carolyn Carter2016Stories of Mandatory Information Program Sessions Attendees: A Plea for “Meaningful Access to Justice”
Andrew Costa2016Singular Snapshots and Moving Pictures: Spatial and Temporal Investigations of Legal Consciousness Studies (1990 to the Present)
Fatemeh Hedayat2016Designated Country of Origin: Spatialization and Specialization of Mexico
Natalia Hicks2016See You in Court! Public Intervention as Access to Law and Policy: The Case of Sex Work in Canada
Shah Denize Hosseini2016Colonization, Be Quiet: An Analysis of the RCMP’s (2014) Report on the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women of Canada
Sabeen Kazmi2016Canadian Muslim Women as Right Bearers: Experiences of Inclusion and Exclusion within the Canadian Legal System
Krisna Saravanamuttu2016Political Identities, Human Rights, and International Justice: An Investigation of United Nations engagement in post-war Sri Lanka
Diana Tsui2016Justice in Context: A Socio-Legal Analysis of Self-Represented Tenants’ Experiences and Perceptions of Justice.
Shantini Abraham2015The NYBitLicense: Bitcoin Regulation in the Context of Attempts to Regulate Hawala.
Elena Dimitrievska2015Co-operation, Refusal, and In-Between: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Three Canadian Police Chiefs and Their Willingness to Collect Race Data.
David Kryszajtys2015Intelligence at all Costs: The Legal Consciousness of Nootropic Consumers on the Internet.
Brenton Layne2015The Safety Dance: Moral Regulation and Electronic Dance Music Culture in Toronto.
Vanessa Million2015A Case Study on Reporting Sexual Violence: The Dalhousie Dentistry ‘Scandal’.
Jovan Milosevic2015Access to Justice in Ontario: Addressing the Need for Reform in the Era of Self-Litigation.
Alice Romo2015From Rights to Freedom and Dignity: Implementing International Laws in Education and the Proposal for the Right to Childhood Talent
Sarah Asaph2014Protecting Women's Safety or Regulating Women's Sexuality: A Critical Analysis of the I'm not for Sale Campaign as a Moral Campaign.
Alison Carrey2014For Protecting Health, Safety and Community Development: Exploring the History of Winnipeg’s Grass and Weeds Regulation
Faye Fraser2014The Politics of Prostitution in Canada: Race, Aboriginal Women and the Bedford Decision.
Jason Huang2014The State and Small Arms: A Critique of the relationship between State Sovereignty and its Duty to Protect.
Jason Joseph2014Neoliberalism & Workers’ Rights: A Case for the Rejuvenation of Labour & Law.
Nadia Khan2014Citizenship Law, Exclusion and the Case of Deepan Budlakoti: Examining the Historical Development of the "Authentic" Canadian Citizen
Agnieszka Kozera2014Marginalized Women and Legal Aid: A Transnational Feminist Critque.
Valerie McCarrol2014Elsipogtog and the Legacy of Oka: A Critical Environmental Justice Analysis.
Angelica McManus2014Law, Culture and Inequality: Toward a Critical Legal Hermeneutics.
Beverly Orser2014Embodying Disorder: Street-Involved Women and Radical Community in “Toronto the Good,” 1880 — 1890.
Heather Tasker2014A Multifaceted Consideration of UNHCR'S Do You See What I See? Photography Project.
Irina Tokar2014Protecting the Sacred: Extractive Industries & Cultural Heritage in Madagascar.
Josie Vaccaro2014A Critical Analysis of Ontario's Domestic Violence Death Review Committee.
Sashendra Baldeo2013Exploring Barriers to Policing White Collar Crime.
Nadir Virjee2013Impact of Ideology on Institutional Interpretations: Hermeneutics, Criminalizations and Inequalities.
Zoha Zubari2013Is Torture Legal at Guantanamo Bay? A Comparison of American Laws with International Human Rights Standards.
Izabela Baczkowska2012Falling Between the cracks: A critical analysis of Gladue and the Battered Woman Syndrome in the context of Aboriginal femal offenders.
Sonia D'Angelo2012"To what world am I being released to?": An Analysis of the Repatriation of Omar Khadr.
Mayoori Malankov2012Discourse(s) of Genocide: The Canadian–Tamil Diaspora and the Politics of Naming and Narrating the Claim of 'Genocide' in the Public Sphere.
Surinder Multani2012(Dis)Empowering Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities: the Dilemma over the Regulation of Traditional Knowledge.
Aaron Samsel2012Know Your Rights Trainings: The Production of Legal Subjectivity Within Law and Organizing.
Kris Stone2012In Pursuit of Liberal Democracy: Charter Review and the Role of the Supreme Court of Canada.
Lisane Thirsk2012"This is How the Law Protects Us as Women": A Case Study of Street Harassment in Mexico City.
Jenna Yango2012Missionaries and Nation–Building: Constructing the State and the 'Indian'
Melanie Yanko2012The Promise of Equal Citizenship and the Struggle Against Racism: Ethiopian Jews in Israel.
Maryum Anis2011Race, Culture and Patriarchy: Social Constructions of Honour Killings in Canada.
Elizabeth Cave2011The Law's Probing GA[YS/ZE]: A Cultural Study of a Judicial Narrative on Legislative Intention.
Carly Centen2011"If everyone believes the same fiction, it's real:" Legal Consciousness & the Regulation of Protest at the G20 Summit"
Marsha Ellis2011Law in the Everyday Life of Rural Protest: Customary Legality and Legal Consciousness in Melancthon Township.
Giancarlo Fiorella2011Police Reform in Venezuela: Security and Jurisdiction in the Bolivarian Age.
Chandra Murdoch2011Amending and Enforcing the Indian Act: The Role of the Indian Agent, 1876–1910.
Dorinda So2011An Exploration of Automobility and Perceptions of Risk in the 2009-2010 Toyota Recall Crisis
Caren Weisbart2011Beyond Recognition: Alternative Rights-Realizing Strategies in the Northern Quiche Region of Guatemala.
Sana Affara2010Family Mediation as an Alternative to the Family Justice System? Issues, Problems and Critiques of Family Mediation.
Ashley Arrobas2010Neo–liberal Risk Management and Sexual Violence: A Comparative Case Study of Feminist Inspired Safety Advice to Women.
Timothy Bryan2010Miscegenation Law and the (Re)construction of Racial boundaries in Post–Civil War Virginia.
Mary–Elizabeth Dill2010Configuring and Contesting Subjectivities: Migrant Domestic Workers and the Canadian Nation–State.
Julianne DiSanto2010What's in a Name?:Re-reading the legal identity of the criminal sexual psychopath as a cultural artifact, a hybrid identity, and a legal classification.
Megan Hall2010Arbitrating Property Disputes in Virtuality: An Exploration of Virtual Property and a Proposal for Resolving Virtual Property Disputes.
Daniel Huizenga2010Documenting 'Community' in the #khomani San Land Claim in South Africa.
Liam Lattrell2010Instrumental Law: America and the Coast Guard's Use of the Law throughout the War on Drugs.
Flores Graciela Mendez2010Alien/ation: Race, Citizenship, and the Construction of the Mexican 'Illegal Alien'
Ajay Sandhu2010YouTube: A New Space For public Protest? Flipping the Dziekanski Script through Digital Activism.
Kerri Ann Scheer2010Blood Donation Policy in Canada: risk, Citizenry and the exclusion of "Men Who Have Sex with Men"
Shaira Vadasaria2010The Racial ‘State of Emergency’: Palestinian Womyn’s Testimonies of Prison, Occupation, and the Zionist Colonial Settler Project.
Preet Virdi2010Silence: Resistance or Acquiescence? Uncovering Sikh women’s perspectives on Canadian Law.
Dayna Crosby2009The Politics of 'Community' and the Scarborough Youth Justice Committee: A Conversation of Governance, Risk and the Production of the "Good 'Canadian' Citizen"
Stephany Mandin2009Economic Rights, Regulation and the Quest for Human Dignity in Contemporary Society.
Yael Machtinger2009Sounds of Silence: A Socio-Legal Exploration of Siruv Get and Iggun in Toronto.
Jazba Singh2009Drawing from the Unknowable: A Vedic Comspolitan Approach to Human Rights.
John Paul Ventrella2009The Toronto Aboriginal Persons (Gladue) Court: Thinking Seriously about the Role of a Unique Criminal Justice Initiative for Aboriginal Offenders.

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