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Welcome to the Graduate Program in Socio-Legal Studies

Master of Arts (MA), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The Graduate Program in Socio–Legal Studies launched the PhD program beginning in September 2010–2011. York's PhD in Socio–Legal Studies is at the vanguard of a growing number of postgraduate programs in Europe and North America in interdisciplinary legal studies. Our PhD is the first such doctoral program in Canada not based in a law school. This exciting, interdisciplinary program builds on York's pioneering Law and Society and Criminology programs and its tradition of interdisciplinary research.

Be a Pioneer in Legal Research

Become A Leader In

International / domestic
human and indigenous rights

Socio-historical approaches to law

Transnational policing and Immigration / border security

Global financial crime

Gender, race, sexuality and the law

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My graduate experience in the Socio-Legal Studies program has been a rigorous academic journey which has deepened my understanding of the relationship between law, criminology, society, and justice. Earning a Master of Arts at York University entails participation in an environment that ensures independent growth and a collaborative experience with fellow scholars and supportive classmates.

— Natalie De Luca
MA student in Socio-Legal Studies, 2021–2022

photo of Natalie De Luca

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The Graduate Program in Socio-Legal Studies at York is an exciting environment to pursue innovative, socially engaging, career-ready education. Contact our Graduate Program Assistant to learn more.