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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The University’s bargaining team is committed to working hard with the bargaining team for CUPE 3903 to reach a settlement without a labour disruption. 

In the event of a labour disruption, the University will provide detailed information to students, instructors, and staff about their individual rights and responsibilities. 

The academic term is underway and will continue as established. Individual courses will continue to the maximum extent possible. York University’s Senate Policy provides that “there should be as little diminution as possible in the instructional or supervisory support given to students” during a disruption. 

The majority of courses at York University are taught by Course Directors who are not in the CUPE 3903 Unit 1 or Unit 2 bargaining unit.

At this time we expect courses taught by course directors not in the bargaining unit to continue. In the absence of TAs, course directors are in the best position to determine how their courses might need to be adjusted. See below for further information.

Apart from employees who are legally on strike, all other employees of the University will be expected to continue their work during a labour disruption and will continue to receive their normal compensation.

If a disruption were to continue for more than a week, individual instructors will again assess, in collaboration with their Dean’s Office, how best to maintain academic integrity and minimize any loss of instructional support to students.

Decisions about course continuity and mode of delivery will be made on a course-by-course basis, based on the academic judgement of individual instructors with oversight by the Dean’s Office. 

Motions on behalf of a Program, Department, or Faculty to suspend or cancel classes are hortative only and do not bind individual instructors.

Should a disruption continue for more than a week, the University will provide information to students on the status of individual courses, including whether and how they are continuing during the disruption.