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LA&PS Senate Representation

As part of York University governance, elected LA&PS community members serve as LA&PS representatives on Senate. Our representatives and committees liaise with their colleagues on Senate to ensure fair, transparent and effective governance of LA&PS and its fair representation across the University.

York Senate is responsible for the University’s academic policy. It oversees admission standards, sets the contents and curricula of all courses, establishes graduation requirements and confers degrees. There are up to 168 elected and ex-officio members of Senate who are representative of the University community. Senate carries out its business through committees which report to the Senate at regular meetings.

LA&PS Representatives Elected-at-Large (16)

Name Department/School Term End
Mustafa KarakulSchool of Administrative StudiesJune 30, 2023
Sirvan KarimiSchool of Public Policy and Administration June 30, 2023
Patrick PhillipsDepartment of PhilosophyJune 30, 2023
Leslie SandersWriting DepartmentJune 30, 2021
Ricardo GrinspunDepartment of EconomicsJune 30, 2021
Richard WellenDepartment of Social ScienceJune 30, 2021
Markus ReisenleitnerDepartment of HumanitiesJune 30, 2021
Nirupama AgrawalSchool of Administrative StudiesJune 30, 2022
Kymberly BirdDepartment of HumanitiesJune 30, 2022
Nergis CanefeDepartment of PoliticsJune 30, 2022
Natalie NeillDepartment of EnglishJune 30, 2022
Ron OphirSchool of Administrative StudiesDecember 31, 2020
Gail VanstoneDepartment of HumanitiesJune 30, 2022
Robert ZachariasDepartment of EnglishJune 30, 2022
Julie AllenDepartment of PhilosophyJune 30, 2021
Carolyn SteeleDepartment of HumanitiesJune 30, 2021

LA&PS Designated Members (21)

School and Department Chairs/Directors (20) & Dean (1)

J.J. McMurtryDean
Nelson Waweru School of Administrative Studies
Shubhra GururaniDepartment of Anthropology
TBADepartment of Communication Studies
Kin Chung LoDepartment of Economics
Tina ChoiDepartment of English
Merle JacobsDepartment of Equity Studies
Christiane DumontDepartment of French Studies
Frances LatchfordSchool of Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies
Stephen BrookeDepartment of History
Elicia ClementsDepartment of Humanities
Parbudyal SinghSchool of Human Resource Management
Sotirios LiaskosSchool of Information Technology
Maria Joao DodmanDepartment of Languages, Literatures & Linguistics
Michael GiudiceDepartment of Philosophy
Karen MurrayDepartment of Politics
Alena KimakovaSchool of Public Policy & Administration
Uwafiokun IdemudiaDepartment of Social Science
Maurice PoonSchool of Social Work
Leslie Wood Department of Sociology
Kim MichasiwDepartment of Writing

Student Representatives (6)

NameTerm End
Michelle CobblahJune 30, 2022
Dylan GruspierJune 30, 2021
Muhammad Shahmir MasoodJune 30, 2022
Alexander BajicJune 30, 2021
Issa JamaaJune 30, 2021
Naquee BlakeJune 30, 2022

LA&PS Representatives on Senate Committees (3)

Name Senate Committee Department/SchoolTerm End
Leslie SandersAPPRCDepartment of HumanitiesJune 30, 2023
Richard WellenExecutiveDepartment of Social ScienceJune 30, 2022
Laura KwakHonorary DegreesDepartment of Social ScienceJune 30, 2021