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Our standing committees are made up of faculty, staff, students, and other representatives. The committees and their members deal with the a wide range of governance matters in the Faculty.

Committee members are responsible for carrying out annual duties specific to their portfolio, as well as reviewing, consulting with members of the wider university community and reviewing, developing and implementing policies and procedures as needed.

Browse our committees below for more information about mandate and membership.


This committee is responsible for directing the business of council and acts as an essential anchor for a range of ongoing and emerging priorities each year.

Academic Policy & Planning

This committee supports academic excellence in LA&PS through examining and formulating our academic planning and policies.

Curriculum, Curricular Policy & Standards

This committee reviews, and makes recommendations on, matters concerning the curriculum, such as new programs, changes to existing programs, new course proposals, and examination and assessment procedures.

Tenure & Promotions

This committee liaises with Senate and programs to review all tenure and promotion candidates in LA&PS and maintain T&P standards across the faculty.

Research Policy & Planning

This committee implements the Faculty Research Plan and develops policies to improve the quality of research at LA&PS. They also adjudicate various research grants and awards.

Teaching, Learning & Student Success

This committee makes recommendations and develops policies to promote high quality and effective teaching and learning in LA&PS. They also adjudicate various faculty and student awards and support academic integrity hearings.

Student Academic Petitions & Appeals

This committee works to create a fair and open environment in LA&PS by supporting hearings for student academic petitions & appeals in our faculty.


This committee acts as a deliberative body for all matters pertaining to graduate studies in LA&PS.