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Academic Integrity for Faculty

Browse our resources to find the support you need when engaging with issues concerning academic integrity. Whether you have questions about your research, your students' work or the academic integrity process at LA&PS, we are here for you.


Mary Chaktsiris, Associate Director, Program Evaluation & Pedagogical Design
S944 Ross Building

Neil Buckley, Associate Dean, Teaching & Learning
S907 Ross Building
(416)736-2100 x 22650


A final column in a chart on a printed paper titled grades. A-, B, and A have been written in the rows.

Pending Grade Request (PGR) Form

LA&PS faculty members can use this form to request a student's grade be updated to a pending status when they are involved in a breach of academic honesty.

A person sits at a table explaining some forms to another person who is taking notes.

7 Days Waiver Template (DOCX)

A document for students to fill out in cases that they wish to waive the 7-days notice of their exploratory meeting in order to proceed with the meeting earlier, should an earlier time be available.

Someone sits explaining documents to two people sitting across the table from them.

Exploratory Meeting Template (DOCX)

A template letter for use when inviting LA&PS students to an exploratory meeting in cases where there has been an alleged breach of academic honesty.

A hand hovers over a document holding a pen.

Notice of Breach Template (DOCX)

A template letter for use when notifying LA&PS students when a breach of academic honesty is suspected. This is a preliminary message that does not include next steps.