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Although the library has a small endowment and receives support from the university, our income is not increasing - and costs are. We rely on financial support from donors to support the purchase of relevant books, periodicals and research publications. 

The library is a service institution. The largest portion of our budget covers staff wages allowing the library to remain open and accessible for 30-32 hours per week during the academic year. 

We appreciate your support - and we can put it to good use.


The library can no longer accept book donations unless they are rare and important items which are not in our holdings.


Although we want all our patrons to live long and happily, we urge you to consider making arrangements for posthumous donations, or simply to write into your will a legacy for the Nellie Langford Rowell Library.

During my studies at York, I was strongly reliant on the Nellie Library for the support I needed to reach my goals. I spent long hours there, and it felt like my home away from home. The assistance I received from the staff was positive, genuine and compassionate. Moreover, it created a confidence in me that allowed me to work harder and push through no matter what the obstacle I was facing, and for that I am forever grateful. In the Nellie, I could access a study space which allowed me to focus and prepare my research papers, midterms, final exams and presentations.

— Paula Adams, 2020 BA, Gender & Women's Studies, Certificate in Sexuality Studies

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The Nellie Library has been, by far, one of the best experiences I've had during my undergrad. From borrowing research material on behalf of GWST faculty members to being encouraged to apply for work at the Nellie, I have been able to connect with amazing individuals from whom I have learned so much. I was fortunate enough to attend Nellie's first in-person event in March 2020, where I got to see their new space. During my time at the Nellie these past two years, I was able to grow not only as a student, but as a professional through hosting virtual Nellie Café's and by developing and participating in the Library's First and Second Undergraduate Conference and Poetry Slam. Even during a virtual learning environment, the Nellie maintained their presence in the York community and provided a safe space for students, staff, and faculty to stay connected with one another. Amidst a global pandemic, the Nellie truly made me feel like a student and made my undergraduate journey all the more valuable.

— Sundus Saba, 2022 BCOM Honours Program (Marketing major)

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For more information, please call Brenda Blondeau, Coordinator, at 416-736-2100 x33479.