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Broadside Boxes

A wide range of collectible memorabilia and large format materials such as newspaper items, photographs, feminist comic books, event notices, advertisements, conference proceedings, day calendars, posters, buttons, submissions to government, and group letters to supporters, and more. Materials are thematically organized in individual broadside boxes and stored for easy access on the shelves in one of our reading rooms.

We have the right resources to support your learning and research on the wide range of topics related to gender, feminist and women’s studies. While material from the broadside boxes cannot be borrowed, it can be reviewed in the comfort of one of our quiet reading rooms. For a fee, you can make copies of materials which cannot be checked out. Use the database below to find the type of resource you need.    


Box code: AB, 3 boxes

African Women

Box code: AF, 1 boxes
see also Development Studies Resource Centre, 202C Founders


Box code: AG, 3 boxes

American Women

Box code: AW, 2 boxes
League of Women Voters of the United States


Box code: ART, 7 boxes

ART1 - General
ART2 - Music and Theatre
ART3 - Photography and Film
ART4 - Visual arts: painting, sculpture, etc.

Asian Women

Box code: AS, 3 boxes
see also Development Studies Resource Centre, 202C Founders; see also East Asian Studies Library, 202B Founders

Body Image: fat liberation, eating disorders

Box code: BI, 1 boxes

Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women (CACSW)

Box code: CAC, 15 boxes
Annual reports, 1974-89, 1990-95, kits, pamphlets, releases, The Person Papers, 1-10 - Papers

Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW)

Box code: CR, 3 boxes

Canadian Women

Box code: CW, 21 boxes, 1 binders

CW1 - Status of women general - Government documents, federal, provincial
CW2 - History
CW3 - Calendars
CW4 - First Nations women
CW5 - Immigrant women in Canada

Caribbean Women

Box code: CAW, 1 boxes
see also Development Studies Resource Centre, 202C Founders


Box code: CC, 6 boxes

CC1 - Government documents, federal
CC2 - Government documents, Ontario
CC3 - Daycare

Constitution (Canadian)

Box code: CT, 3 boxes

Disabilities, including DAWN, DisAbled Women's Network

Box code: DI, 2 boxes


Box code: ED, 32 boxes

ED1 - Adult education
ED2 - Canadian Council on Learning Opportunities for Women (CCLOW)
ED3 - Federation of Women Teachers' Associations of Ontario (FWTAO)
ED4 - General
ED5 - Ontario universities
ED6 - York University

- Advisor to the University on the Status of Women
- Employment Equity

ED7 - Canadian universities

- General
- AUCC, Association of Universities & Colleges of Canada

ED8 - US universities
ED9 - US universities, Project on the Status & Education of Women

Employment Equity

Box code: EE, 22 boxes

EE1 - Canada, government documents

- Ontario, government documents

EE2 - Europe, USA
EE3 - Canada, miscellaneous

- City of Toronto 

EE4 - Pay equity, miscellaneous


EE5 - Pay equity, government documents, Ontario and Manitoba government documents

Environment & Ecofeminism

Box code: EN, 1 boxes

European Women

Box code: EU, 4 boxes
Russian women (former Soviet Union)


Box code: FA, 2 boxes

Farm Women

Box code: FM, 1 boxes

Feminist Theory

Box code: FT, 4 boxes

Francophone Women

Box code: FR, 2 boxes

Free Trade

Box code: FTR, 1 boxes

Gender Roles and Stereotyping

Box code: GR, 3 boxes


Box code: HE, 20 boxes

HE1 - Addiction
HE2 - Mental health, including psychology
HE3 - Genital alteration
HE4 - Cancer
HE6 - Midwifery
HE7 - Endometriosis
HE8 - Breasts
HE9 - Menopause and physician/patient relationship
HE10 - Women and Alcohol



Box code: HO, 1 boxes

Human Rights

Box code: HR, 2 boxes
General and Canada

Indian Women

Box code: IN, 3 boxes

ININ1 - Centre for Women's Development Studies

International Women's Day

Box code: IWD, 1 boxes

Jewish Women

Box code: JW, 1 boxes


Box code: LA, 1 boxes

Latin-American Women

Box code: LW, 12 boxes


Box code: LAW, 12 boxes

LAW1 - Family law and constitutional
LAW2 - Women in conflict with the law
LAW3 - Papers from Discussion Across Legal Cultures conference NY, 1993

Lesbian Women

Box code: LB, 7 boxes, 3 binders

LB1 - Leaflets, pamphlets
LB2 - Newsletters
LB3 - Human rights & legal issues
LB4 - Lesbians in education, including lesbian studies
LB5 - Parenting and Youth
LB6 - Lesbian Resources (binder)
LB7 - Lesbian Bibliography (binder)
LB8 - Lesbian and gay men - Youth Suicide (binder)

Literary Criticism

Box code: LC, 2 boxes


Box code: MD, 4 boxes
Radio, television, newspapers, etc.

MD1 - Internet


Box code: MEN, 1 boxes

Middle-Eastern Women

Box code: ME, 1 boxes


Box code: M, 1 boxes

National Action Committee on the Status of Women (NAC)

Box code: NAC, 3 boxes

National Association of Women & the Law (NAWL)

Box code: NA, 7 boxes

NA1 - Women & the Law Association
NA2 - Papers

3 boxes

National Council of Welfare

Box code: NCW, 1 boxes

Northern Canadian Women

Box code: NC, 1 boxes

Ontario Advisory Council on Women's Issues (OACWI)

Box code: OA, 2 boxes

Ontario Ministry of Labour, Women's Bureau

Box code: OML, 2 boxes

Ontario Status of Women Committee (OSWC)

Box code: OS, 2 boxes

Ontario Women's Directorate (OWD), (formerly: Ontario Ministry of Labour, Women's Bureau)

Box code: OWD, 3 boxes
formerly: Ontario Ministry of Labour, Women's Bureau


Box code: PA, 2 boxes


Box code: PC, 2 boxes


Box code: POL, 7 boxes, 1 binders
General, Canada-party politics

POL1 - Europe, US
POL2 - Center for the American Woman & Politics (CAWP)


Box code: POR, 3 boxes


Box code: POV, 2 boxes

Race & Racism

Box code: RAC, 1 boxes


Box code: RP, 10 boxes
Pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding

RP1 - Reproductive technology and the Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies
RP2 - Contraception
RP3 - Family planning services
RP4 - RU-486

Right Wing, including REAL Women

Box code: RW, 1 boxes


Box code: SC, 2 boxes, 1 binders

Sex Trade Workers & Prostritution

Box code: SXW, 1 boxes

Sexual Assault

Box code: SA, 2 boxes, 3 binders

SA1 - Ontario Community Sexual Assault/Rape Crisis Centres: Program Manual (binder)
SA2 - Assaulted Women

A Manual for Advocates (binder)

SA3 - Violence Free Schools

Sexual Assault Prevention Policy (binder)

Sexual Harassment

Box code: SH, 3 boxes, 1 binders

SH1 - Sexual Harassment in the Workplace -Employer Training Manual (binder)

Sexuality, heterosexual, transsexual, bisexual, & lesbian

Box code: SX, 2 boxes


Box code: SP, 3 boxes, 1 binders


Box code: SPO, 2 boxes


Box code: SU, 1 boxes

United Nations

Box code: UN, 2 boxes

United Nations Decade For Women, 1975-85

Box code: UND, 10 boxes

UND1 - General, Voluntary Fund (Unifem)
UND2 - International Women's Year, 1975
UND3 - Copenhagen conference 1980
UND4 - Nairobi conference 1985
UND5 - Beijing conference 1995, Beijing 10 year review conference 1995


Box code: VI, 23 boxes, 2 binders
General - METRAC

VI1 - Violence Against Children and Teens
VI2 - Family/Relationship Violence, General, The Federal/Provincial/Territorial Working Group on Wife Battering, 1986
VI3 - Ending the Violence: Shelters, Support & Educational Services, Self-Defence, a resource guide for service providers (binder)
VI4 - Montreal Massacre

Wellesley College

Box code: WC, 5 boxes
Working Papers and Stone Center Working Papers

Women writers & publishers

Box code: WW, boxes

Women's Cooperative Guild

Box code: WCG, 1 boxes

Women's Groups

Box code: WG, 3 boxes

Women's Legal Education & Action Fund (LEAF)

Box code: LEAF, 1 boxes

Women's Movement

Box code: WM, 2 boxes

Women's Power

Box code: WP, 1 boxes

Women's Studies

Box code: WS, 6 boxes

WS1 - Conferences
WS2 - Curriculum
WS3 - Institutions, Programmes, & Course Lists


Box code: WK, 35 boxes, 6 binders
General, Government and municipal publications, legislation

WK1 - Benefits, including tax, Benefits: Pensions, including retirement planning
WK2 - Business and professional (including National Center for Management Research and Development Papers from University of Western Ontario)
WK3 - Unpaid Domestic Labour and "Domestics"
WK4 - International Labour Office publications
WK5 - Labour Canada
WK6 - Microtechnology & technology
WK7 - Healthcare
WK8 - Part-time & nontraditional work (including armed forces)
WK9 - Public service
WK10 - Safety
WK11 - Unions
WK12 - Volunteer work
WK13 - Training
WK14 - Women and Work - Tools for Change
WK15 - Entrepreneurship
WK16 - Sex Discrimination

World Development

Box code: WD, 3 boxes
see also Development Studies Resource Centre, 202C Founders

York University Women's Centre

Box code: YC, 1 boxes

Young Women

Box code: YW, 1 boxes

Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA)

Box code: Y, 2 boxes