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Our History

The Student Council of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (SCOLAPS) officially came into existence on July 1, 2009, concurrent with the opening of the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies. SCOLAPS' serves as the student government for the new Faculty and is built upon the traditions of the antecedent student governments. Under the leadership of the Faculty of Arts Student Council with cooperation from the Atkinson Students' Association, discussions were held over several years to ensure an appropriate transfer of student representation to the new Faculty. SCOLAPS is the outcome of these discussions.

There is a strong tradition in SCOLAPS of meaningfully representing the student perspective on academic and governance issues at both the faculty and university-wide level. A culture of commitment exists within the organization, creating opportunities for a greater contribution by students to the LA&PS Faculty and York University.

Previous Council Members


Chair: Michelle Cobblah
Vice-Chair: Naemat Khurana
Treasurer: Robert Cornell
Secretary: Christina Mounts
Alumni Advisor: Aqsa Khalid Khalil


Chair: Aqsa Khalil*
Vice-Chair: Amanat Khullar*
Treasurer: Naemat Khurana
Secretary: Michelle Cobblah*
Alumni Advisor: Antonnia Kiana Blake*


Chair: Antonnia Kiana Blake*
Vice-Chair: Ajay Rakhra*
Treasurer: Kendra Wilson
Secretary: Aqsa Khalil
Alumni Advisor: Maria-Palma Zito*


Chair: Maria-Palma Zito*
Vice-Chair: Antonnia Kiana Blake*
Treasurer: Tawfic Amandi*
Secretary: Nouman Bhatii
Alumni Advisor: Sayjon Ariyarathnam


Chair: Sayjon Ariyarathnam*
Vice-Chair: Alamgir Khandwala*
Treasurer: Dalubuhle Ndlovu*
Secretary: Maria-Palma Zito*


Chair: Sayjon Ariyarathnam*
Vice-Chair: Habib Ali-Jaffer
Treasurer: Alamgir Khandwala*
Secretary: Abegail Hypolite


Chair: Karanjit Bhathal*
Vice-Chair: Sayjon Ariyarathnam*
Treasurer: Rajbir Sohal*
Secretary: Habib-Ali Jaffer
Alumni Advisor: Roshan G. Udit


Chair: Roshan G. Udit*
Vice-Chair: Safia Thompson*
Treasurer: Vrutika Patel
Secretary: Vanessa Crevelle
Alumni Advisor: Ashley Naipaul


Chair: Ashley Naipaul* & Anand Sookrah*
Vice-Chair/Treasurer: Juliano Pichini*
Secretary: Iqra Saleem
Alumni Advisor: Peter Salerno


Chair: Peter Salerno*
Vice-Chair: Bryan Zarnett
Treasurer: Neil Britto*
Secretary: Catherine De Fazio
Alumni Advisor: Adnan Raja


Chair: Adnan Raja*
Vice-Chair: Steven Goncalves*
Treasurer: Calvin Lee
Secretary: Linh Dang
Alumni Advisor: Shazma Abdulla*

* Also served as a York University Student Senator.