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Executives & Directors

Our leadership team includes executives and directors who work hard throughout the year ensure that SCOLAPS can continue to run and make impact at York. Our team is made up exclusively of students from the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies who volunteer their time and skill to support student governance.

Executive Team

Fatiah Asamu Profile Photo

Fatiah Asamu


Fatiah Asamu is a fourth-year undergraduate student pursuing a specialized honors degree in Financial and Business Economics. She is passionate about mental health, advocacy and fostering communities with a vision. Fatiah has been involved with SCOLAPS as a Committee member, as the Secretary and she is very grateful to have been elected as the President for the 2022/2023 academic year.In this position, Fatiah’s main goal is to continue to authentically represent and advocate on behalf of all students in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies in matters concerning Academic and student engagement. 

Fatiah is very excited to continue this journey and she is looking forward to sharing with students all the exciting new opportunities the council has for all students this year! 

Rida Shah Profile Photo

Rida Shah

Vice President of Governance

Rida is going into her fourth year pursuing a Major in Law and Society. 

Rida has actively been involved with SCOLAPS since her first year as a volunteer attending academic petition hearings and academic honesty hearings. Her experience and involvement throughout the years have inspired her to further serve on the committee. Rida has also been involved as Peer Mentor with McLaughlin College and as a Dean’s Ambassador with the Liberal Arts and Professorial Studies to mentor and support incoming students at York University. Rida looks forward to working alongside all SCOLAPS members and ensuring that all students get an opportunity to participate in student life in an ever-changing virtual and in-person environment. She hopes to make a positive change to help all students

Fun Fact: Rida enjoys learning new languages! 

Pooja Gautam Profile Photo

Pooja Gautam

Vice President of Engagement

Hi everyone! My name is Pooja, and I will be the Vice President of Engagement for SCOLAPS this academic year. I have been involved with SCOLAPS since my first year and I am beyond excited to be a part of the executive team for my fourth and final year at York. I hope to create an engaging year for our SCOLAPS community, and continue to make it the amazing home it has been to many of us.

Julia Kiszczuk Profile Photo

Julia Kiszczuk


This is my first year being a part of SCOLAPS and I am excited to be in the position of secretary. At York as well as my previous school, I took part in volleyball at the intramural level as well as took part in leadership groups. 

Being a part of the executive team for SCOLAPS brings great responsibility. As secretary, my goal is to keep everything organized and running smoothly. I am hoping to provide a safe and informative environment for students to ask questions. I am also hoping to encourage more students to join our community. 

Daniel Tiah Ankrah Profile Photo

Daniel Tiah Ankrah


Daniel is in his 3rd year pursuing a specialized degree in International Development. He is argumentative and a fire starter. He also has a strong interest in snakes to which some people may find weird and disturbing. Although Daniel is registered as a domestic student in the school files, he is an international student at heart since he spent most of his childhood years in Ghana. Blessed with his situation, he is able to connect with both students from different grounds and act as a liaise between them. He is affiliated with GSA (Ghanaian Student Association) and IDSAY (International Development Student Association at York). Daniel is excited to be on this year’s team as the treasurer and stands strong to help encourage a serene environment for teaching and learning and hopes for your help. “Together we stand, Divided we fall”. 


Michelle Chen Profile Photo

Michelle Chen

Director of Marketing and Promotions

Michelle Chen is entering her fourth year at York University, majoring in Honors Bachelor of Commerce with a specialization in information technology. 

She has previously been involved at Vanier College as a peer mentor and guided Liberal Arts and Professional Studies first-year students through their transition to the University. During her time as a peer mentor, she has also worked alongside the media team on projects in design and event planning.

As the Director of Marketing and Promotions on SCOLAPS for 2022-2023, she aims to keep LA&PS students up to date on faculty-related matters and events by collaborating, creating, and distributing promotional material through new and current communication channels and ensuring that SCOLAPS’ marketing objectives are achieved.   

Anamika Sharma profile photo

Anamika Sharma

Director of Social Affairs

My name is Anamika Sharma and I am a fourth-year undergraduate student pursuing an honors degree in Law and Society. I love to create an environment for open communication as I believe that people can both learn something from each other and thereby grow within themselves. In my third year, I became involved with several clubs, both in and outside of the university. I joined SCOLAPS in my third year as a third-year representative and had an amazing experience with an amazing team!  

As a Director of Social Affairs, I hope to use the communication and leadership skills gained from previous clubs to build relationships with students, clubs, and councils to ensure student voices are represented.  

Vacant Position

Ian Greene Award Program Director

  • Manage marketing and advertising projects;
  • Maintain and proliferate productive and promising working relationships with other organizations and groups;
  • Operating and maintaining new and current informational channels directed towards membership and constituents at large;
  • Creating and implementing marketing campaigns on all social media platforms;
  • Creating and dispersing promotional material ;
  • The Marketing and Promotion Director shall report to the Chair and Vice Presidents once a week and shall answer to and take direction from the SCOLAPS Executive Committee. Be it further resolved that the Marketing and Promotions Director will be accompanied by a member of the executive at all meetings and events, unless otherwise specified, regarding the business of their respective duties as they relate to SCOLAPS. Be it further resolved that no decision will be made by the Marketing and Promotions Director without the consultation and approval of the SCOLAPS Executive Committee.

Interested in joining our team?

LA&PS students interested in vacant SCOLAPS positions can email for more information.