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Accessible Parking

University Accessibility parking inventory meets the current Ontario Provincial Standard. Accessibility parking is available on a first come first serve basis. All vehicles which are parked in a Accessibility parking space must display the Ontario Accessibility Parking Placard issued for the said person, and a valid parking permit, or daily parking pass/stub issued by York University Parking Services.

If you would like further information about obtaining an Accessibility parking permit and access card, please contact Parking Services for Keele Campus at (416) 736-5335 or or Glendon Campus at (416) 487-6788 or

Accessibility Parking on Campus


Accessibility Permit parking spaces are located in the core of the campus, as well as the following permit parking lots:

  • Albany Rd. Lot (67)
  • Atkinson Lot (83)
  • Calumet Lot
  • Lumbers Lot (73)
  • Nelson Road Lot (82)
  • Northwest Gate Lot (64)
  • Passy Cres. Lot (91)
  • Physical Resources Lot N/S (85 & 89)
  • Pond Road Lot (86)
  • West Office Building Lot (78)
  • York Blvd. Lot (70)


Visitor Accessibility Parking is located within the following lots, upon paying the required fee. All vehicles must display the Ontario Accessibility parking Placard as well as the daily parking stub issued by York University Parking Services:

  • Arboretum Parking Garage (80)
  • Atkinson Lot (83)
  • Calumet Lot
  • Lumbers Lot (73)
  • Physical Resources Lot s (89)
  • Student Service Parking Garage (84)
  • Thompson Road Lot (79)
  • York Lanes Parking Garage (72)

Roadway Parking

  • 320, 340, 360 & 380 Assiniboine Rd
  • Arboretum Lane by Stong College
  • Atkinson Rd.
  • Fine Arts Rd by Accolade East
  • Fine Arts Rd. by Schulich
  • McLaughlin Rd.
  • Passy Crescent
  • Seneca Lane
  • Sherman Health Sciences Bldg

Glendon Campus

  • Lot A
  • Lot B
  • Lot C
  • Ring Road
  • Lot F
  • Adjacent to Glendon Athletic Club