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Fatoumata Kane

Fatoumata Kane

Graduate Research Associate

Hello, I'm Fatoumata Kane, a passionate and driven Senegalese-Canadian currently pursuing a master's degree in Development Studies. I am dedicated to making a positive impact in the world through my work and personal endeavours.

Professionally, I am honoured to be a part of the UNICEF Canada team, where I contribute to meaningful projects aimed at improving the lives of children and communities.

Additionally, I am also the founder of ÑUL KŪK, a sustainable Afrocentric brand. With ÑUL KŪK, I strive to promote sustainability, celebrate African heritage, and address issues of colourism. 

My journey is fueled by a profound love for my community, both in Senegal, Canada and globally. I am driven to explore innovative ways to give back and provide support where it is needed most. My aim is to continue bridging the gap between my African roots and my Canadian upbringing, creating a harmonious blend of cultures, ideas, and actions that contribute to a brighter, more equitable world.

As I progress in my academic, professional, and entrepreneurial pursuits, I am excited to further amplify my impact and inspire others to join me on this journey of positive change and sustainable development.

Keywords: Senegal, Political crisis, Development, Environmental challenges, Migration patterns, Nexus analysis, Political instability, Climate change, Resource scarcity, West Africa, Displacement, Environmental impacts, Livelihoods, Causal relationships, Qualitative analysis, Policy recommendations, Mixed-methods research, Data collection, Community engagement