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Student Thrilled With Benefits of ABMP's New Career | Fit Program

Student Thrilled With Benefits of ABMP's New Career | Fit Program

The Asian Business and Management Program (ABMP) has launched a series of innovative new programs called Career | Fit Professional Experience Programs. Sponsored by RBC Canada, these equity-seeking programs are open to 100 undergraduate students across Canada who identify as Asian. The inaugural series of five courses, which run online from March to July, has garnered immense success, filling up quickly and attracting students from more than a dozen universities in Central and Eastern Canada.

The Career | Fit programs offer a unique opportunity for students to supplement their academic courses, explore career directions, and gain a competitive edge in the job market. Each program, guided by a mentor from a major Fortune 500 organization, bridges the gap between theory and practice through a hands-on, realistic project. Students not only gain valuable industry insights and develop practical skills but also experience the professional practices, norms, and expectations necessary for success in their respective sectors.

Mirza Aydemir

Mirza Aydemir, a 24-year-old permanent resident from Türkiye, enrolled in the inaugural program led by an RBC mentor, Developing Wealth Management Solutions Strategy for Gen Z, as an adjunct to his studies in Financial and Business Economics at York University. Reflecting on his motivation to join the course, Mirza shared, "I wanted to be guided by a professional in the finance field and observe what skills are necessary to be successful in the sector."

Mirza's experience in the program exceeded his expectations. "I was expecting a course similar to the one at the university. However, this program was really interactive, especially the group work component. I think it really helped me to engage with the content," he said. The program's interactive format also empowered Mirza to overcome his initial reservations about speaking up in virtual classes. "From now on, I will speak up when I attend a virtual lecture or an information session because the course has helped me overcome that anxiety," he stated.

Reflecting on the mentorship component, Mirza emphasized the benefit it conferred on his career aspirations. "Having a professional who experienced and mastered the same process before is a golden opportunity," he expressed. Collaborating with his fellow students also enriched his journey. "My group mates were really helpful and fun to work with, and I realized many of us experience the same struggles in terms of career development, finding a job or improving a specific skill set" he shared.

Summing up the overall experience, Mirza was enthusiastic. "It was one of the best things that I have done this year in terms of my career development and personal growth," he affirmed. Another participant shared a similar sentiment, stating, "It was the greatest step I took towards achieving my career goals, and I will regard this as my first step and continue to move forward hopefully." Yet another participant expressed their gratitude for the program, stating, "These six weeks have been unforgettable, as they have allowed me to gain a comprehensive understanding of what next-generation wealth management entails and provided me with a clear career direction for the future."

The mentor for the program, Kiki Oyerinde, Analyst, North American Equities at RBC, concurred that the program was very fulfilling for her as well. "Seeing the strides our students made in such a short time has been encouraging and rewarding for me as a mentor. I have also benefited from the diversity of thought that our students bring, and I am convinced that with these bright minds the Canadian future is bright. I am proud to work for an organization that is committed to preparing our youth for the jobs of tomorrow.”

With the resounding success of the debut series, ABMP aims to expand the Career | Fit program series, offering more opportunities for students to develop their professional skills and explore their career aspirations. As these programs continue to bridge the gap between academia and industry, they are poised to empower Asian students across Canada and unlock their full potential in the job market.