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Campus Relations and Crime Prevention

The Community Safety Department’s Campus Relations Officials collaborate with individuals and groups on and off campus on projects to promote safety. Regularly, Campus Relations Officials are called on to train and give safety presentations to student, staff and faculty organizations that promote dialogue about crime prevention.

The Department compiles and analyzes statistical information to formulate crime prevention programs and services. The Department also fosters Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) to make it harder, riskier, or less rewarding for people to commit crimes. The CPTED program introduces ways to deter crime by changing the design of buildings and public spaces.

Event Planning

For on-campus events, the Department works with other departments to provide safety and security event assessments.

To inquire about booking a space or planning an event on campus, please see the Office of Temporary Use of Space or, if you are a member of a student club, visit YU Connect.


Dragan Spasojevic: Manager, Community Relations and Crime Prevention

René Saint-André: Campus Relations Official (Glendon)

Seetha Wigneswaran: Campus Relations Official (Keele)
416-736-2100 x22255