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Security Bulletins Policy

In July 2012, York University started emailing Security Bulletins directly to all students and through email distribution lists to faculty and staff.  The University has a long-standing tradition of sharing important security information with its community members. Such information is shared to allow individuals and groups to exercise appropriate precautions, to protect personal safety and property, and to foster the understanding that safety is a shared responsibility of everyone at York University.

Security Bulletins are issued with regard to incidents that occur on York University property when:

  • a serious incident has occurred and there is a risk of recurrence;
  • there is a pattern of recurring but less serious incidents, such as thefts or robberies; and/or
  • a Security Services or Police Services investigation will be assisted by bringing forward witnesses and information.

The University may also decide to issue a Security Bulletin for incidents that occur near or adjacent to the University, if such incidents meet the above criteria.

Suspect descriptions will only be included in Security Bulletins if there is sufficiently specific information that could lead to the identification and arrest of an individual or individuals. Suspect descriptions will not be included if they only serve to describe a large segment of a racialized community.

If you have any questions about the purpose or content of Security Bulletins, then feel free to email

Links to current and past bulletins are available under Campus Safety Notices on the home page.