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York academics counted among world’s top two per cent of researchers

York academics counted among world’s top two per cent of researchers

Today’s Y-file featured an article on the annual ranking of the world’s most impactful scientists and that 90 York University scientists are featured. The list, compiled by a faculty member at Stanford University, ranks the top 2% scientists in the world based on C-index, which is calculated by a formula that includes the number of citations per primary-authored paper, number of citations for co-authored papers, and number of citations per singly authored papers, as compared to others in your field, and excludes self-citations. We are proud to see that six members of the Department of Chemistry at York University are included in the top 2% of most impactful scientists:

ABP Lever                        Professor Emeritus

DK Bohme                       Professor Emeritus

CC Leznoff                      Professor Emeritus

T Baumgartner              Professor

SN Krylov                         Professor

WJ Pietro                          Professor

We are proud of our outstanding colleagues and their many students who have contributed to achieving this global distinction for research contributions in chemistry.

Bottle in Chemistry lab on table with yellow liquid.
picture of chemical testing beakers