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Chemistry Society at York

Looking for Chem stuff? You're on the right page. ​

Welcome to the official Chemistry Society at York website.​

At CSY, our motto is to help the students of York University in their pursuit of chemical studies. This club has been established since 1998, hosting various events for students to connect with other students and professors, as well as open doors to research.

Our services for undergraduate students:

  • Host Undergraduate Research Orientation Event
  • Host Meet the Profs event
  • Sell affordable Chemistry lab equipment (Lab and Googles)
  • Sell Chemistry Merchandise ​
  • Host Academic workshops and Practice Session Midterm events ​
  • Sell and Rent Lab Coats and Goggles
  • Organize other cool events

Feel free to drop by during our office hours in the Chemistry Building room 206!

This is the Chemistry Society at York's Logo. This logo comprises of  a distillation set up of a round-bottom flask over a flame  distilling the liquid into a beaker through the side arm.

Membership Information

Our membership fee is 100% free!

Members get exclusive benefits:​

  • Free or discounted admission to events​
  • Up to date information of CSY affairs​
  • Free or discounted merchandise​​
  • Opportunities to pursue executive positions in the CSY committee