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Chemistry Society at York

Looking for Chem stuff? You're on the right page. ​

Welcome to the official Chemistry Society at York website.​

A CSY our motto is to help the students of York University in their pursuit of chemical studies. We've been in existence since before 1998 hosting various events, supplying past tests and exams as study aids and providing practical advice.

The Chemistry Society is a resource for students taking chemistry regardless of what their major is. We also hold events for students to get to know each other and their professors as well as various seminars for graduate or career information. Our executives are current York students who have taken chemistry courses and can answers questions from undergraduate students during our office hours.​

Our services for undergraduate students:

  • Sell Past Chemistry Test Packages (Soft Copy)​
  • Rent Lab Coats and Goggles​
  • Host Lab Tour Events​
  • Host Networking Events​
  • Host Academic Seminars and Workshops​
  • Sell Custom Merchandize​
  • Organize other cool events =)​

All of the tests and exams available for purchase are listed in our test database.​

Feel free to drop by during our office hours in Room 206 of the Chemistry Building!