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Current & Past Executives and Events​

Co-Presidents: Hannah Le, Chipin Lay

Secretary: To be elected

Treasurer: Seray Kacyigit

Event Coordinator(s): Arman Parham, Ali Bashar, Alisha Joshi

Social Media Co-Ordinator(s): Aksika Thiyagarajah

Communication Director(s): Rainee Ivy, Sana Mirza

Senior Senator(s): Samin Tavakoli, Panini Sharma, Rohma Khan

Junior Senator(s): To be elected.


Co-Presidents: Fakiha Ansari, Abdullah Hameed
Secretary: Sarah Damiani
Treasurer: Seray Kocyigit
Event Coordinator(s): Arman Parham, Ali Bashar, Hannah Le
Social Media Coordinator(s): Shangavi Senthruan
Communications Director(s): Yasmeen Chaudhry, Sana Mirza
Senior Senator(s): Abdullah Hakeem, Areeba Chaudhry, Samin Tavakoli
Junior Senator(s): Rainee Ivy, Eileen Choi, Chipin Lay


Co-President: Fakiha Ansari
Co-President: Abdullah Hameed
Secretary: Daneya Wahib
Events Chair: Ali Bashar, Areeba Chaudhry, Samin Tavakoli,
Communications Chairs: Amirmohammad Nasiri, Sana Mirza, Heddy Hermes
Senior Senators: Laurentiu Dabija, Arman Parham
Junior Senators: Abdullah Abdul Hakeem


President: Hamna Zafar

Vice President: Amina Khan

Secretary: Nina Butris, Mahsa Gardaneh, Fakiha Ansari

Events Chair: Amanda Gorgees, Anahid Achkanian

Communications Chairs: Amirmohammad Nasiri, Heddy Hermes

Senior Senators: Ali Bashar, Daneya Wahib

Co-Presidents: Leila Hashemi, Hamna Zafar
Secretary - Danial Budani, Nusaybah Dawoud
Events Chairs - Lisa Azzerello, Alessia Colussi
Senior Senators - Preeti Dave
Communications -  Omar Shamia, Mourtada A., Nina Butris
Junior Senators - Amina Khan, Joseph Eisentraut

Co-Presidents: Ruqaiya Qureshi, Sheza Qayyum
Secretary: Leila Hashemi, Nusaybah Dawoud, Niusha T.
Events Chairs: Preeti Dave, Alessia Colussi
Senior Senators: Lisa Azzerello, Sahand
Communications: Nina Butris, Hatim Ali
Junior Senators: Hamna Zafar, Danial Budani

Group of 12 CSY Executives


President: Sejal Dave
Vice President: Ruqaiya Qureshi
Executive Officers: Haroon Khawaja, Preeti Dave
Treasurers: Deon Mowatt, Sheza Qayyum
Communications Directors: Leila Hashemi, Nusaibah Esmail
Senior Senators: Alessia Colussi, Lisa Azzarello, Quratulain Hayder
Junior Senators:  Noralene Tirones, Habib Kuteyi, Shakiba Ghaffari

Group of 7 CSY Executives
Group of 11 CSY Executives


Co-Presidents: Sejal Dave, Menal Huroy
Executive Officer: Sidkat Kuteyi
Treasurer: Deon Mowatt
Communications Directors: Haroon Khawaja, Ruqaiya Qureshi
Senior Senators: Preeti Dave, Alessia Colussi, Lisa Azzarello
Junior Senators: Sheza Qayyum, Vidish Upadhyay


Co-Presidents: Kathy Sanchez, Mubarah Masud
Executive Officer: Slava Rubanov
Treasurer: Paulina Adamczewski
Communications Directors: Tonny Lay, Selina Greco
Administrative Director: Menal Huroy
Senior Senators: Sejal Dave, Knika Sethi, Julia Wiebe
Junior senator: Anthony Atallah


President: Kathy Sanchez
Vice President: Mubarah Masud
Administrative Director: Haris Celic
Treasurer: Paulina Adamczewski
Senior Senators: Rayman Jamal and Slava Rubanov
Junior Senators: Sejal Dave and Tonny Lay


President: Shaidah D. Manshadi
Co-Vice-Presidents: Anumeet Virdi and Audrey Yang
Kooroush Dehghan
Stephanie Ma
Alan Nheiu
Nika Ranjbar
Amanda Ngo
Amer Issa
Mehul DeLvadia
Shraddha Bahambatt
Cristina Cortlio


President: Shaidah D. Manshadi
Vice-President: Stephen Monica
Alex Berbinsky
Farhad Davoodi
Anumeet Virdi
Lusia S.
Amer Issa
Kooroush Dehghan
Audrey Yang
Omid Khezri


Vice-President: Shaidah D. Manshodi
Alex Berbinsky
Elize Ceschia
Stephen Monica
Charlie Kuo
John Chui


President: Lynn Gonzales
Vice-President: Kasia Jerzak
Alex Beribinsky
Christina Barsoum
Raluca Popescu
Eliza Ceschia
Eli Miller
Stephen Monica
Charlie Kuo
John Chui
Milos Markovic
Jen Albert
Shaidah D. Manshadi


President: Serge Gorelski
Vice-President: Fabio Zobi
Christos Alexiou
Assunta Freda
Nikita Gousseu
Rocco Liegghio
Rhian Salmon
Charlotte Smaglinski

CSY 2022-2023

Kahoot Night
Halloween Tabling
Halloween Costume Contest
CHEM 1000 Midterm Practice Session
Undergraduate Research Orientation

CSY 2019-2020

YorkFest tabling
Halloween tabling
Mock Exam Chem 100
Chemistry Lab Tour

CSY 2017-2018

Chemistry Lab Tour
: 3rd January, 2018

CSY 2016-2017

YorkFest tabling
: 27th September, 2017

Halloween Trick or Treat
: 25th October, 2017

Mock Exam Chem 1000
: 27th November, 2017

CHEM1001 Mock Test
Date: Thursday March 23 2017
Location: LSB 106 5:30-8:30PM
Synopsis: 1h Test + Solutions & Free Pizza

CHEM 1001 Mock Test Event poster

CSY 2016-2017 Elections

Date: March 1 - March 25
Location: York University Keele Campus
Synopsis: We held elections for the following positions: president, vice-president, secretary, events chair, communications chair and senior senator.

Chemistry Society Elections 2017-2018 poster

Meet the Profs
Date: Thursday January 19 2017
Location: Stong 101
Synopsis: The Biology, Chemistry and the Association for Research Placement at York clubs will be holding a joint event in which professors from biology, chemistry and biochemistry will be available to talk to students in a relaxed social environment. This is an opportunity for any science student who is interested in research (such as a research practicum or a thesis project) but has not yet found a professor or a specific field they would like to engage in. This event will be held in 101 Stong on Jan 19 from 5-8PM. Free pizza and pop will be available.

Meet the Profs poster

CSY 2016-2017 Junior Senator Elections
Date: Applications were received from Sept 8-23 and Voting occurred between September 24-30. The results were announced via Facebook on September 31. 
Location: Voting occurred online and paper ballots were available in our office
Synopsis: Every September we recruit 2-3 new first year members for our club.

Chemistry Society elections recruiting poster for 2016 - 2017

YorkFest 2016
Date: Wednesday September 21
Location: Outside student center
Synopsis: Our club was one of many clubs which participated in the annual YorkFest!

Chemistry Society at York table at YorkFest in 2016

CSY 2015-2016

CSY Annual Movie Night
 Thursday February 25
Location: BC 203
Synopsis: Our club members and other York students watched LOTR the Two Towers, while enjoying pizza, pop and popcorn! The event was free for everyone!

Annual Movie Night poster 2015 - 2016

Date: Thursday January 14, 2016
Location: Vari Hall
Synopsis: We were one of the many clubs who participated in this event during Frost Week. Our executives had a chance to talk to and recruit many new members! We also held a raffle to give away one of our bookstore sweaters!

Date: Tuesday November 24, 2015 from 12-2PM
Location: Petrie Building Rm. 317
Synopsis: Dr. Xiao-an Zhang discussed the graduate chemistry program at UFT. More specifically, the details of the application process, what type of research you may be involved in and future job opportunities were mentioned. This event was geared towards anyone who is interested in pursing chemistry past the undergraduate level. Pizza and refreshments were also available!

CSY 2011-2012

Meet the Profs
Date: February 26
Location: Chemistry Building