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Positions & Elections​

Want to become an Exec?

  1. Junior Elections (for 1st year students) in September/October​ of 2023
  2. Senior Elections in March of 2024

Who is able to run for an executive position?

  • Undergraduate science students majoring in:
    • Chemistry
    • Biochemistry
    • Biology
    • Biomedical science
    • Biotechnology
  • Any year!

How to apply?

More information will be present and advertised on our Instagram page @csygram closer to the application dates

Positions available:

  • Secretary: They work closely with the Co-presidents in organizing future events. They will need to be extremely organized and have good time-management as they will be responsible for taking care of scheduling duties, taking down minutes of the meeting and also managing alumni related tasks.
  • Events Coordinator: This person will need to have good time-management skills as they will collaborate with the executive committee to create and execute new, exciting and interesting events for the club constituency and also promote events.
  • Treasurer: The treasurer is responsible for collecting all funds due to the club, and making monthly Excel spreadsheets on club income and expenses. They report to the Co-presidents on a weekly basis.
  • Social Media Director: These individuals must be creative and have a way with colours/designs as they will be in charge of designing posters and other media related posts to publicize events.
  • Communications Director: These people must be tech-savvy, as they will be in charge of updating the clubs’ social media resources. They will also be in charge of creating fun and informative captions to accompany the media posts.
  • Senior Senators: They will be in charge of updating the membership log and office hours, as well attending all club meetings and events.
  • Junior Senators: They would be in charge of advertising our events to first year students. They will also help the Co-Presidents and Event coordinators plan the chem 1000/1001 practice session midterms.

What are all club members responsible for?

  • Hold 2 office hours every week (where you sell PPEs, sell merchandise and interact with undergrad students)
  • Attend club meetings (where we discuss future events)
  • Participate in all club events
  • Advertising club events

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