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The Faculty of Science is the home of world-renowned scientists, educators, and researchers. Our searchable profiles directory will allow you to:

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Department Affiliation:
Research Area:
Picture Name Titles and Affiliations Email Research Area
Picture of David A. Hood Hood, David A. Full Professor Physiology and Neuroscience
Picture of Marko Horbatsch Horbatsch, Marko Full Professor, Research Stream
Physics and Astronomy Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
Picture of Huaxiong Huang Huang, Huaxiong Full Professor
Mathematics and Statistics Applied Mathematics
Picture of Junwu Huang Huang, Junwu Adjunct Professor
Physics and Astronomy Astronomy and Astrophysics, High Energy and Particle Physics
Picture of Katalin A. Hudak Hudak, Katalin A. Full Professor
Biology Cell and Molecular Biology
Picture of Elaina Hyde Hyde, Elaina Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
Physics and Astronomy Astronomy and Astrophysics
Picture of Demian Ifa Ifa, Demian Associate Professor, Research Stream
Chemistry Analytical Chemistry, Biological Chemistry
Picture of Patrick Ingram Ingram, Patrick Associate Professor
Mathematics and Statistics Pure Mathematics
Picture of Derek A. Jackson Jackson, Derek Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
Chemistry No assigned research areas
Picture of Christopher Jang Jang, Christopher Assistant Professor
Biology Cell and Molecular Biology, Discipline Based Educational Research