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Bill Kim

Bill Kim

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Bill Kim
Assistant Professor



Eligible to Supervise

Chemistry Graduate Program
Phone Number 984-333-3112

Research Interests

Our research is at the interface of biological chemistry and genomics. As protein engineers, we aim to develop new genome editing technologies by building macromolecular machines that induce specific chemical modifications on DNA. At the core of our research lies the CRISPR technology, which earned the Nobel Prize for its remarkable precision in editing the genomes of living organisms. We harness the strength of CRISPR but go beyond its natural capabilities to further enhance its utility within human therapeutics and biomedical research.

Ultimately, we want to understand how mistakes in DNA sequences (mutations) affect function at the molecular and cellular level. This goal is crucial for understanding and eventually addressing diseases caused by errors in DNA, such as sickle cell disease and cancer. Toward this goal, our specialized tools for creating genetic variations can be utilized to recreate known or unknown pathogenic mutations in different settings, so they can be studied in isolation in the laboratory. Specifically, we use bioengineering approaches such as rational design and directed evolution to impart new functions onto existing proteins and RNAs, including CRISPR. We then characterize their activity in the test tube and in bacterial and mammalian cell cultures.

Specific Research Areas

Bioengineering, biochemistry, chemical biology, nucleic acid chemistry


Biological Chemistry

UN Goals

Good Health and Well-being, Reduced Inequalities