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Jeremy Webb

Jeremy Webb

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Jeremy Webb
Assistant Professor


Division of Natural Science, Science, Technology and Society


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Office Location Norman Bethune College, 217


I am an astrophysicist with a passion for education, research, and outreach. As an educator I believe that teaching is not simply the transfer of knowledge, but a transfer of the learning skills and tools required to obtain knowledge while stimulating the curiosity of my students. I strive to find creative and active ways for students to connect with the world around us while we answer age-old questions like Why are we here? and Are we alone in the Universe?

Research Interests

My research is primarily in the field of gravitational dynamics. From the evolution of planetary systems in dense stellar environments to interactions between star clusters and their host galaxy, I explore how gravity has shaped our Universe. With the help of numerical simulations, observations, and machine learning I work to answer fundamental questions like: How do star clusters form? Can habitable planets exist within star clusters? How is cluster evolution related to galaxy structure? and What is the nature of dark matter?

Research Areas

Astronomy and Astrophysics