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Chris McLinden

Chris McLinden

Picture of Chris McLinden
Chris McLinden

Eligible to Supervise

Physics and Astronomy Graduate Program



Research Specialization

Space-based remote sensing of Earth's atmosphere, especially low-altitude pollution; Evolution of ozone layer; Information retrieval from atmospheric spectra.

I use remote sensing observations by satellites to better quantify and understand the distribution, evolution, sources and sinks of air pollutants. Primarily, I develop models for the retrieval of atmospheric composition from UV-visible spectra acquired by satellites, and then use the results to quantify, map, and evaluate trends in emissions of surface pollutants over urban and industrial locations. I am also interested in understanding and quantifying the evolution of stratospheric ozone and ozone-related trace gases, especially those composed of species of nitrogen and bromine. Additionally, I am engaged in monitoring how the extraction of oil from oil sands is affecting atmospheric composition.

Research Areas

Planetary Physics

Research Types

Computational, Experimental