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Ijaz Rauf

Ijaz Rauf

Picture of Ijaz Rauf
Ijaz Rauf

Eligible to Supervise

Physics and Astronomy Graduate Program



Research Specialization

Nanotechnology; Nano-materials; Thin Films; Solar cells.

My research focuses on the development of space-based instrumentation, data analysis techniques and tools, and space test processes to advance planetary research and to improve the performance and reliability of space systems. For example, I am a member of the York University Argus team that is currently operating a pollution monitoring spectrometer in low Earth orbit on the CanX-2 spacecraft. This technology was awarded the Canadian Astronautics and Space Institute Alouette award in 2010. Also, I am the inventor of a novel construction technology for a space elevator which has attracted world-wide interest. In collaboration with Thoth Technology, Inc., I am currently developing a mission to Mars called Northern Light which will explore new regions of the planet. In the process, I have revived Algonquin Park Radio Observatory, and am presently using it for endeavours ranging from spacecraft tracking to very-long-baseline interferometry of pulsars.

Research Areas

Chemical and Condensed Matter Physics

Research Types