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Jill Lazenby

Jill Lazenby

Picture of Jill Lazenby
Jill Lazenby
Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
Undergraduate Program Director - STS/NATS, Faculty of Science


Science, Technology and Society


Office Location Norman Bethune College, 226A
Phone Number (416)736-2100 x 20466

Research Specialization

I have a background in both life sciences and the history and philosophy of science, and I teach NATS and STS courses. I’m interested in how scientific discoveries are interpreted by different groups of people in order to make sense of their world. In courses like Plant Life Human Life (NATS 1565), Global Cultures of Science (NATS 1535), and Genomics and Society (STS 3750) I consider how scientific knowledge impacts our sense of self, our cultures, and our technologies. In Science and Pseudoscience (NATS 1850) student learn critical thinking skills that help them explore examples of “fake news”, fraud, and misuse of science, and also examine how science makes sense of weird human experiences like paranormal abilities, UFO sightings, altered states of consciousness, and near death experiences.

I am also interested in health and wellness, and in all of my classes students learn about some of the science-based benefits of quality sleep, stress reduction, meditation, and whole-food plant-based eating.

Research Areas

Science, Technology and Society

UN Goals

Good Health and Well-being, Life on Land, Quality Education