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Blog 83

Blog 83

Connecting Students who you Feel Might Benefit by Connecting with Student Accessibility Services

Raymond Peart, ASD Coordinator (Raymond Peart):

As faculty at York University, you observe significant differences in development, ability, presentation of skills, social interaction, communication and behaviour among students within your classroom.  Your experience has enabled you to develop a clear perspective on characteristics within the classroom that can be considered typical. Additionally, with the experience you have gained, you may observe that a student may present with variations from the rest of the class that are significant.  Some of these variations may cause:

  • you to consider and stop to think about what you are seeing;
  • persisting disruptions and problems;

While some situations might be easy to determine, other situations may be subtler and/or difficult to explain.  Consequently, there may be times when you don't know what to do. When you have concerns about a student in this situation, it may be helpful to reach out to Student Accessibility Services (SAS) with your query.

For more information on the Strengthening Transitions for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders, please visit:

ASD Coordinator (Raymond Peart):


Call:  416-736-5383

Location:  W128 Bennett Centre for Student Services and DB (Formerly TEL) 1017