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Internal Departments - Guidelines

Internal departments include academic and administrative offices, research units and employee groups

Adhoc events outside the regular academic schedule must be approved by a department/unit's signing officer (e.g. EO, Director, Chair)

  • The amount of time it takes to process an application is dependent on the scale of an event and the volume of applications in queue.   Please allow a minimum of 10 business days (small scale events) for your application to be processed.  Large scale events/conferences, depending on size and scope, may require anywhere between 15 - 90 business to process - this may involve meetings with the organizers and various campus services.
  • Complete the TUUS Mach Form and click the submit button at the bottom of the form.

Date Type

  1. Single Date Event — for events with just one date.
  2. Multiple Date Event — Events such as weekly meetings or events with multiple dates (e.g. a speaker series, a series of dance classes) can be processed with a single application form. Select the "Multiple Date Event" checkbox and use the "+" button to add your dates.


  • Indicate the start and end time of your event. Don't forget to allow yourself set up and clean up time.

Specify Location

  1. Classrooms/lecture halls — indicate the name of building/s where you would like to hold your event. Include any additional requirements of the room in the body of the email (e.g. seminar style room).
    • Classroom cannot be reserved during exam periods.
    • Rooms cannot be booked when the University is closed (e.g. on Canada Day, December holidays, etc.)
  2. Non-Academic Space
    • Colleges - (e.g. Common Rooms, Assembly Hall), contact the College BEFORE submitting the TUUS form to confirm availability. The College will hold the space.
    • Most public spaces (lobbies, Vari Hall Rotunda, etc.) and outdoor spaces can be reserved directly through the Office of Temporary Use of University Space (TUUS).
    • Physical activity spaces (gyms, sport fields, etc.), must be booked through Athletic and Recreation.
  • Sponsoring (Dept./Org./Unit/Rec. Stud. Grp) ---Name of department/Faculty/etc.
  • Signing authority --- name of signing officer (Chair, Director, etc.)
  • Contact --- the person completing and submitting the TUUS Form. This is the person who will be contacted regarding the event.
  • Email and Telephone --- for the contact person – the permit will be emailed to this address, with copy to the signing officer


  • On-campus caterer – indicate the name (e.g. YU Eats).
  • Off-campus caterer - Contact Food Services for information on using an off-campus caterer.
  • Barbecues - contact Food Services for a list of on-campus BBQ vendors

Audio/Visual equipment - booked directly through University Information Technology (UIT).

Facilities Service

  • Custodial, Grounds and Maintenance Services are reduced on the weekends. Submit a Facilities Service Request so that staff is assigned specifically to your event. This will ensure that furniture is set up to you liking, rooms are cleaned and garbage is cleared.


  • If you plan on playing music for non-educational purposes, such as for background music at a conference or in an athletic facility, a license must be obtained from the copyright collectives SOCAN and Re:Sound.


TUUS staff will review the application and initiate a consultation where necessary, with the relevant service areas (Security, Risk, Food Services, Facilities, etc.); the contact and signing authority on the application form will be copied on the consultation e-mail.

A Temporary Use of University Space Permit will be issued electronically.