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Using Space for Adhoc Events - University Employees

Please note applications are processed in accordance with the TUUS Regulation, which requires at least 10 business days. The average event requires at least 15 business days for processing and consultation. Events can take from 30-90 business days depending on details and logistics. Events that do not adhere to the processing timelines will be denied. An example event that would fit 10 business days: this event requires no services (i.e. IT, furniture setup), involves no food and is closed to members of the RSO.

Academic classroom spaces are not available during the exam period.

COVID-19 Update

The University is issuing permits for events in alignment with the guidelines found on the Better Together. Note that guidelines can change at anytime and may impact previously approved events.

Reserve Audio Visual Equipment

All university employees can reserve AV Equipment or services through York's Classroom Equipment Ordering system. Services include:

  • equipment for use in a classroom
  • order/activate built-in equipment available in a lecture hall
  • request audio and video streaming
  • request technical support for equipment you have ordered