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Reserving Space & Equipment - Recognized Student Organizations

Recognized Student Organizations include student government, club or organizations recognized by Student Community and Leadership Development.

Applications are processed in accordance with the TUUS Regulation, which is a minimum of 10 business days (no weekends, holidays, or university closure periods). The average event requires at least 15 business days for processing and consultation. Events can take from 30-90 business days depending on details and logistics. Events that do not adhere to the processing timelines will be denied. Please refer to the Regulation for guidance. Example event that would fit 10 business days: this event requires no services (i.e. IT, furniture setup), involves no food and is closed to members of the RSO or Dept/Faculty/Staff group.

Reserving Audio Visual Equipment and Submitting Service Requests

  • To arrange for the submission of a Service or A/V Request (once you receive your room booking confirmation from the reservation agent) please contact Charmaine Mohamed from SCLD (