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Space Descriptions

GalleryLocationContact Information
Art Gallery of York UniversityAccolade East
Eleanor Winters Art Gallery129 Winters
Gales Gallery105 Accolade West Building(416)736-5187
Glendon GalleryGlendon Hall, Glendon or (416)-487-6721
Samuel J. Zacks Art Gallery109 Stong
Special Projects Gallery102 Centre for Fine Arts(416)736-5187

All Keele Campus College Event Spaces can be requested through the YU Room Request form. If you have any questions regarding College spaces, please see information below.

*Please note, on the YU Room Request form, any classrooms or lecture halls not listed under a specific College, would be considered an ADHOC space for University Employees. For RSOs it would be considered a TUUS Space.

CollegeContact Information
Bethune CollegePlease visit website for more information on Bookable Event Spaces or contact
LA&PS bookable spaces:
Atkinson, Founders, McLaughlin, and Vanier College.
Please visit the LA&PS website for more information on Bookable Event Spaces or contact
Stong College and Calumet CollegePlease visit website for more information on Bookable Event Spaces or contact
Winters CollegeFor more information on spaces at Winters College please contact
Glendon CollegeGlendon Hall, York Hall, Centre of Excellence, and outdoor space reservation

Internal departments and External to York, contact Glendon Hospitality

Registered Student Clubs, contact:, 416-487-6720

Glendon Athletic Club, contact,  416-487-6717External to York, please see

Theatre Glendon (York Hall)
Contact, 416-487-6822

Performance Facilities


General Manager, Facilities, School of Arts, Media, Performance (AMPD)
119 Accolade East
416-736-2100 ext. 55776
416-736-5776 Direct Line
416-736-5956 Fax

Requests for the use of other AMPD rooms or studios may be directed to the individual departments of Dance, Film, Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts.

AMPD activities take precedence in all  Performance Facilities and in all rooms and studios controlled by individual departments within AMPD

LocationContact Information
Glendon Hall, York Hall, Centre of Excellence, and outdoor space reservationInternal departments and External to York, contact Glendon Hospitality

Registered Student Clubs, contact:, 416-487-6720
Glendon Athletic or 416-487-6717

Not all athletic spaces are available for events.

External to York, please see
Theatre Glendon (York Hall),416-487-6822

A number of spaces including classrooms and lecture halls, on the Keele Campus, can be requested centrally through the YU Room Request Form.

Lobby, Hallway and Outdoor space is booked via the Office of Temporary Use of University Space, please fill out the YU Room Request Form.

  1. Accolade East (ACE) Lobby (excluding CIBC)
  2. Accolade West (ACW) 1st Floor Lobby
  3. Accolade West (ACW) 2nd Floor Lobby
  4. Central Square
  5. Health, Nursing & Environmental Studies (HNES) first floor lobby
  6. Lassonde Building Lobby
  7. Life Sciences Building Courtyard, first and second floor lobbies
  8. Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building (DB) Lobbies
  9. Vari Hall Rotunda

Please visit our Outdoor Space Page for more information.

Ignat Kaneff Building (Osgoode Hall Law School)

Please submit a YU Room Request Form indicating the spaces you require at Osgoode Hall Law School

For more information or questions regarding spaces at Osgoode, please contact:

Internal DepartmentsExternal Groups (non-University)
Call Parking Services at 416-736-5335 (Keele Campus) or at 416-487-6788 (Glendon Campus) for assistance with individual and group requests.

Academic and Administrative Offices, Research Units, Employee Groups and Recognized Student Organizations
Submit a Temporary Use of University Space Application

Accommodation and Conference Services

Hospitality Glendon

Classrooms, computer labs, break out rooms, seminar rooms


Robert R. McEwen Auditorium (capacity 300)

416-736-2100 ext. 33574

Schulich Executive Learning Centre

The Miles S. Nadal Management Centre

Scott Religious Centre - 144 Central Square

The Centre for Student Community & Leadership Development is responsible for all bookings in the Scott Religious Centre and only clubs registered with the Interfaith Council can officially book space in the Centre.  Individual members of the community are welcome to use the chapel or meditation room for the practice of their faith providing that the room is available and not booked by a religious group.
Office space is applied for every March and only IFC clubs are eligible to receive an office.

Senate Chamber – Keele Campus – N940 Ross Building144 Capacity (76 chair seats and 68 “jump” (fold-down) seats)

Contact: Office of the Secretariat 416-736-5310

Senate Chamber – Glendon Campus – York Hall C123100 Capacity
Contact: 416-487-6715

Keele CampusGlendon Campus
Recognized Student Groups, contact:
(416) 736-2100 ext. 20875

Academic, Departmental and External Rental Groups, please contact:
Athletics & Recreation
Glendon Athletic Club

Table Bookings

To book a table in the Vari Hall Rotunda, Ross Link, Central Square, Bear Pits, contact:

Student Community and Leadership Development

Vari Hall Rotunda

The Vari Hall Rotunda may be reserved  for organized activities by eligible users.  Because it is a major pedestrian traffic corridor into and out of the central core of the University and is adjacent to classrooms, the use of the Rotunda is dependent on nature and scope of an event. 

Contact The TUUS Office for information on using the Rotunda for organized events.


  • Up to 10 information tables are available to be booked on days during the academic term, except when special University events have been scheduled.  Tables are booked through Student Community and Leadership Development at 416-736-5144.

Special Events

  • Up to 15 days in each of the Fall and Winter terms will be set aside for special University and student community events (such as information fairs, etc.) to occupy all bookable space in the Rotunda.
  • To ensure availability, Vari Hall Rotunda requests should be made prior to the start of each academic term through the YU Room Request Form


  • To prevent disruption to academic and administrative operations, use of Sound amplification devices or megaphones are not permitted in the Rotunda, Link, or Central Square
  • Users will not affix signs, banners, posters or other materials to the wood paneling in the Rotunda because the adhesives cause damage to these surfaces

Academic and Administrative Offices, Research Units and Employee Groups

Recognized Student Organizations

  • Light refreshments and food items, arranged with the University’s food services office, may be served in designated areas (including on the second floor).
  • If tables, audio/visual equipment and computer equipment are used, then the organizer should take due care with pedestrian paths. Duct tape should be used to cover all wires to eliminate trip hazards.
  • The sponsoring of third-party vendors and other commercial/retail activity in the Rotunda requires licensing by the Assistant Vice-President Campus Services & Business Operations.  Student groups wishing to sponsor third party vendors and commercial/retail tables are encouraged to make use of the Student Centre for these purposes.

York Lanes/Kaneff Tower Meeting Rooms

Note: These rooms are for events and meetings. They are not available for student groups or classes.

305 York Lanes
280A York Lanes
280N York Lanes
519 Kaneff Tower

Contact:, 416-650-8207 (58207)

York University Student Centre

The YUSC meeting rooms are located on the 3rd floor of the building and are available to all recognized student organizations for meetings and gatherings of various types.