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Risk Advisory: Steacie 040 electrical power supply

Risk Advisory: Steacie 040 electrical power supply

Please distribute widely.


The primary Uninterruptible Power Supply system in the Steacie 040 data centre is now effectively in a failed state and out-of-service until July 12.  A replacement UPS has been ordered.  It will be installed during the weekend of July 11/12.


As a consequence most services located in Steacie 040 are now running on unprotected electrical power.   Any transient interruption of the power supply is likely to be passed through to servers/hosts in the data centre.  York University's Energy Management department is aware of the precarious condition of the Steacie data centre and is taking precautions to minimize risk of supply interruptions to the Steacie building.  This not sufficient to guarantee stable power supply until July 12.


As of this morning, the weather forecast shows some risk of thunderstorms today and July 3.  Given the hot conditions prevalent through July 12, it is reasonable to expect additional thunderstorm activity.


Owners/operators of UIT non-Production and non-UIT servers/hosts in Steacie 040 should consider the risk of power transients between now and July 13 and take any precautions they deem necessary to protect their systems and data.