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How to connect to YorkU VPN with Pulse Secure

If you already have Pulse Secure installed and setup for you by your IT support team, these are the instructions for how to connect and use the service.

  1. On your system tray, in the bottom-right of your screen, click the up arrow and locate the Pulse Secure icon.Task Bar
  2. Right-click on the Pulse Secure Icon and choose “Open Pulse Secure”.
    Screenshot of Windows Taskbar, how to open Pulse Secure App
  3. In the Pulse Secure window, choose "Connect" on the VPN Profile that you normally connect to.
    Screenshot of Pulse Secure window with VPN Profile already added

    1. In the case that you do not see any VPN profiles listed, click the “+” icon.
      VPN Blank Profile Plus Icon
    2. In the box that appears, enter the details as shown in the image below, then click “Connect”.
      Screenshot of VPN Profile Settings
  4. In the box that pops-up as shown below, enter your Passport York username and password, then click “Connect” (You can choose whether or not to check the box to save your credentials).
    Screenshot of VPN Login Screen
  5. After clicking connect, you will need to open the Duo app on your phone and approve the Duo Push to connect to VPN. If you are using an alternative method of authentication (e.g. you are using a Duo Token or are enrolled in 2FA/Duo via SMS/Text Messaging), or have more than one device registered on your Duo profile, please follow the instructions on this page to authenticate your login attempt.
    Example of Duo Notification
  6. The VPN is successfully connected when you see the screen as below.
    Screenshot of the Pulse Secure window when connected to VPN

If you receive an "Invalid Credentials" error, please try Forgetting your Saved Settings and try steps 4-6 again.