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Ivanti Secure Setup for Android Devices

Note: If you have the old Junos Pulse app installed you must first uninstall this before installing Ivanti Secure.
Steps to Download Ivanti Secure

  1. On your Android Device, open Google Playstore and search for Ivanti Secure. (Alternatively you can go directly to the Ivanti Secure Google Playstore page using Chrome)
  2. Tap Ivanti Secure
  3. Tap Install and then Accept

Steps to Configure Ivanti Secure

  1. Tap Open to launch Ivanti Secure
  2. Tap Accept to accept the End User License Agreement (You only have to do this once)
  3. Tap on Add Connection
  4. Enter the following information:
    • Name: Type the name for your VPN connection. For example My VPNYork
    • URL: Enter the VPN Link that you wish to connect to. For most people this will be:
    • Username: Enter your Passport York username
    • Authentication Type: Ensure Password is selected
    • Realm: Leave this field blank
    • Role: Leave this field blank
    • Tap on Create Connection
  5. The newly created connection is now listed on the Connections listing.
  6. To open a VPN connection tap Connect on the main Ivanti screen
  7. The Secure Remote Access login page is presented. Enter your PPY username and password and tap Sign In
  8. In the Connection request screen tap Ok (You only have to do this once)
  9. To see the VPN Status details select Status. This entry lists your assigned SSLVPN YorkU IP and other connection details.
  10. You should be taken back to the main Ivanti Secure screen and see: Status Connected. If not, then you can press the back button. You should also see a key icon in the Android status bar.
  11. To end your VPN session Tap Signout

2FA Authentication

Starting on July 29th, 2021, the regular VPNYork profile ( will require two-factor authentication, Duo 2FA.

For additional information on how to connect to Ivanti Secure VPN with Duo 2FA, please visit the information security website. You can find answers to frequently asked questions about 2FA on the FAQ page.