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Pulse Secure Setup Instructions for Mac OSX

Steps to Download Pulse Secure

  1. Download the Mac OS X installer.
    • If you are using Mozilla Firefox then click on the installer and login to Passport York when prompted.
    • Then click on the installer again while pressing the “Control” button on your keyboard, click on "Save link as" to download Pulse Secure to a location of your choice.
  2. Open the Package > click Continue, click Install> Click Close to complete the installation. Note: If you see a pop-up error message that states "PulseSecure.dmg can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer", then click ok. Click on System Preferences > Security and Privacy. Click on the lock to make changes if necessary. Make sure that under Allow apps downloaded from, Anywhere is selected. Repeat Step 2 and complete the installation.

Steps to Configure Pulse Secure on MacOS

  1. To start Pulse Secure select the Pulse Secure icon from the Applications folder.
    Screenshot of Pulse Secure Icon
  2. To create a new connection:
  3. Click the plus sign "+"
  4. Enter a name for the connection for e.g. My VPNYork.
  5. Enter the URL for your SSLVPN (e.g. and enter it in the Server URL field and click ADD.
  6. Click Add.
    Screenshot of  window requesting SSLVPN URL
  7. 1. Click Connect to start your SSLVPN session
    Screenshot of window requesting SSLVPN Session
  8. Enter your PPY username and password.
    Screenshot of  popup asking for PPY Username and Password
  9. The Pulse Secure icon in the status bar indicates an active SSLVPN session.
    Screenshot showing Active SSLVPN Connection

2FA Authentication

Starting on July 29th, 2021, the regular VPNYork profile ( will require two-factor authentication, Duo 2FA.

For additional information on how to connect to Pulse Secure VPN with Duo 2FA, please visit the information security website. You can find answers to frequently asked questions about 2FA on the FAQ page.