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AirYorkGUEST is for On-campus visitors to the University who require Wi-Fi access to the Internet.

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  • Maximum duration of a login session is 8 hours. Upon reaching this session time limit, the connection to the AirYorkGUEST network will be terminated without warning. However, you can register again for another 8 hour session.
  • IMPORTANT: AirYorkGUEST cannot be used by the community that normally uses either eduroam or AirYorkPLUS.

What do I need to access the AirYorkGUEST network?

To access the AirYorkGUEST network, you must have a Wi-Fi client which is capable of connection to 802.11 a/g/n/ac and which has a web browser which may be used to complete the registration process. You must also have at least one of the following: a working email address, a working cellular phone or tablet which can receive a text message (aka SMS, Short Message Service.)

How do I access AirYorkGUEST?

Configure your Wi-Fi client device to connect to the network name (SSID) AirYorkGUEST. Most devices will automatically open a web-browser window which will contain instructions about how to register via email or via text message (SMS.)

I get the error message "Your are not allowed to use AirYorkGUEST Wifi. Please use AirYorkPLUS or eduroam Wifi instead"?

AirYorkGUEST is intended for convenience use by short-term visitors to York University who do not have a valid eduroam or Passport York account.  If you are still experiencing issues, please contact USC at

What happens if I do not receive and/or respond to the registration message sent by the AirYorkGUEST registration portal?

Your AirYorkGUEST session will be automatically terminated after 10 minutes have elapsed. You are free to re-start the registration process at any time after the previous session has been terminated.

Who is meant to use the AirYorkGUEST network?

AirYorkGUEST is intended for convenience use by short-term visitors to York University who do not have a valid eduroam or Passport York userid. It is also intended for use by devices which are incapable of being configured to use WPA2-Enterprise (IEEE 802.1X.) One example of such a device is a corporate laptop computer for which the end-user does not possess the Administrator password.

How secure is the AirYorkGUEST network?

Unlike eduroam or AirYorkPLUS, the AirYorkGUEST network does not encrypt network traffic over-the-air. If AirYorkGUEST is to be used to transmit or receive any information which is either confidential or sensitive, it is recommended in the strongest terms that the end-user should login to an encrypting VPN service after connecting to AirYorkGUEST and/or to only use applications which themselves encrypt their network traffic.

Does York University offer a VPN service to York users?

Yes. More information about UIT’s VPN service offering may be found at either of the following URLs:


Is AirYorkGUEST available at Campuses other than Keele or Glendon?

AirYorkGUEST is available at all York campuses and remote offices where eduroam and AirYorkPLUS are also available.

What if I try to register with an email address which is not mine?

If there are reports of nuisance registrations, that particular device will be blocked from using the AirYorkGUEST service. To investigate further please contact

Can I reuse the email authentication link again or on a different device?

No. You can only use the activation information once from the device it was requested from.

Will there be charges for the Text Message (SMS) option?

Yes, charges may apply given your phone plan.

Who should NOT use AirYorkGUEST?

Anyone who has a valid Passport York account (this includes all currently enrolled students and all current employees) or anyone who has a valid eduroam account either at York or at any eduroam-member institution. All of the above individuals should continue to use either eduroam or AirYorkPLUS for regular day-to-day Wi-Fi access to Internet. Any device which has previously connected to AirYorkPLUS or to eduroam at York University will be denied network connection and presented with a webpage which explains that they should continue to use AirYorkPLUS or eduroam rather than AirYorkGUEST.

What if I work in an IT support role (either in UIT or in another department for faculty) and require access to the AirYorkGUEST network for validation and testing?

Please contact UIT at Approval for this would be dealt with on a case by case basis.

What if I have a special situation, want to do MAC based authentication or if I have a device that does not have a browser?

Please contact UIT at Approval for this would be dealt with on a case by case basis.

How do I get it?

Self Registration Process

Watch the AirYorkGUEST email instructional video or follow the instructions below:

AirYork Guest setup video transcript

  1. Connect to the AirYorkGUEST network
    In the list of available wireless networks, select AirYorkGUEST. See screenshot of Wifi settings on a device with AirYork Guest selected
  2. Get redirected to the AirYorkGUEST splash screen and enter your information
  3. You will be redirected to the AirYorkGUEST Service Registration Page. Select an authentication method - email or sms. Accept the terms and conditions. If you provide your email address then you will get 10 mins of internet access to check your mail and click on the validation link. See screenshot of authentication method choices.
  4. Receive and confirm the the verification message and start using the Internet
    Click on the validation link on the email you received to start accessing the internet or enter the verification code you received via SMS in the Service Registration Website. See screenshot of sample email for network access activation. See screenshot of access granted message.