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Long Distance

Operator-Assisted Calls

Collect Calls Dial 9 + 0 + area code + number. When the Operator comes on the line, say "Collect" and give your name.
Calling Card calls Dial 9 + 0 + area code + number. When the Operator comes on the line, say "Calling card call" and give your card number.
Calls billed to a third number Dial 9 + 0 + area code + number. When the Operator comes on the line, say "Bill to ...." and give the area code and number to be billed.

Operator assisted rates apply on all the above calls. These rates are higher than on direct-dial calls.

Directory Assistance for other cities may be reached by dialing 9 + 0 + area code and 555-1212. There is a  $1.50 plus tax charge for this service.

Overseas Calls

For countries that can be dialed directly, see the Bell Canada directory introductory pages or the International Dialing Code page.

Direct-dial station-to-station: Dial 9011 + country code + the routing code + the local number.
Person-to-person, collect, calling card and calls billed to a third number: Dial 9 + 01 + the country code + the routing code + the local number. An Operator will come on the line to handle the call details.

Country codes and frequently called routing codes are listed in the introductory pages of your Bell Canada directory, or you can check the on-line International Dialing Code page. For codes not listed, please call the operator (dial 90).

For countries you cannot dial yourself, dial 9 + 0 and ask the operator to place the call.

If you pause more than 4 seconds after dialing 9 + 0, your call will automatically be connected to a external operator.

Long Distance Charges/Statements

Special care should be taken to verify all long distance charges appearing on your monthly telecommunications statement.

Queries concerning long distance charges for both York and Glendon campuses should be directed to the Telecommunications Administrator ext. 44357. Bell Canada and Telus must not be contacted directly.

Restricted Telephone Lines

Many telephones are restricted from making long distance and Directory Assistance (411) calls. Some telephones are limited to internal calls only. These phones are located in various departments, undergraduate residences, guest suites, etc.

The York University Switchboard operators are not authorized to extend long distance calls from these telephones. Long distance calls may be made from pay telephones located in most buildings on campus.

Cost Recording and Charging Procedures

Directly-dialed personal long distance calls should not be made from or charged to York University telephone numbers. Charges can be transferred to your home telephone number or they can be placed collect.

Each department's budget will be debited by the Chief Accountant for all long distance calls charged to its local numbers. It is the department's responsibility to maintain a record of all long distance calls (through the departmental designate), to reconcile this against the long distance statement each month and to collect charges for any personal long distance calls that may have been inadvertently billed to the department's local numbers.

Research grant long distance charges must be billed against the grant, not against the departmental budget.

Please note that 13% HST is applied to all long distance charges.


Telecommunications / Telecom York
Administrative Services: (416)736-2100, Ext 44357
Location: 016 Steacie Science and Engineering Building